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Adam LamBERRRTTT tells Oprah He Waited a Lifetime for a Moment Like This

Adam Lambert talks to Oprah about higher powers, being a homo & having no regrets, goes shopping on Melrose and performs (and Queerty doesn’t like it). There’s a new book about lesbians throughout history. Nerve has a list of 10 child stars you probably want to do now that they’re legal. Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker will have more gays this year. And Tim Tebow has filmed a commercial for Focus on the Family.

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NEWS ALERT! Dakota Fanning Kissed a Girl and Liked It!

Much ado about actresses surviving the ordeal of lesbian kisses — why do these confessions make headlines? Autostraddle & the ladies of AfterEllen weigh in. Also; Lindsay Lohan looks cute again!, Andy Warhol’s TV show, more GLEE guests (NPH!), Law & Order SVU features Mischa Barton and a legitimately hilarious Golden Globes wardrobe breakdown.

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Tegan & Sara Donating Poster Profits to Haiti, Now You Pretty Much Have to Buy One

Your favorite lesbians are helping Haiti, conservative commentators are on our sides, Gaga loves us, Rosie wants to make out with Sue Sylveste, Maureen Dowd talks to our favorite Prop 8 Trial lawyers, Megan Mullaly joins “Party Down,” Gender Puzzle film looks at the science of gender, Queen Latifah’s sexuality analyzed via winterwear, GenAlso, some celebrities kissed!

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Final Word on Tila Tequila from Dani Campbell, Autostraddle & The Publicist

Dani Campbell reacts to Tila Tequila’s meltdown, and we have some reactions of our own. Adam Lambert released a music video for “Whataya Want From Me,” and Tegan & Sara released a video for “Feel It In My Bones.” Autostraddle BFF Carlytron has a DJ gig coming up and you should all attend! Plus, the Golden Globes are coming up, we have some lesbian art to show you, and Matt Morrison from Glee got a record deal!


Tegan & Sara Answer Ten Questions About Love

Have you ever wondered what it takes to win the heart of a Quin? If you guessed “The Boss” or “financial security”, you’re half-way there. Read on to see what happened when Audiostraddle’s guest contributor Kat Von Dyke quizzed Tegan and Sara on love, relationships and their ideal dates.

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Want Lesbian TV? Try the BBC.

The BBC’s Spring/Winter 2010 trailer features a Shane-esque blonde in lesbian drama “Lip Service” and overall the BBC’s got more lesbians on tap this year than the entire USA. Logo announces new shows, Michael Urie makes a gay statement, Kristin Chenowith & Kerry Washington are looking to hook up on screen and the Tila/Casey story is never going to end.

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Revealed! Glaad Awards Lesbian Nominees, J-Beals’ L Word Book, Tila Tequila’s Whereabouts

GLAAD nominees are announced and will specially honor Miranda Hobbes for being so sassy I MEAN CYNTHIA NIXON for advocating equal rights! Also; Jennifer Beals’ interview & L Word Book, Rihanna on W Magazine, Tila Tequila’s emotional interview, InTouch magazine’s anti-choice Palin cover and the second-best Lady Gaga Bad Romance YouTube video ever.