Marina & The Diamonds Album Review: The Family Jewels

Described by the Guardian as “a seriously warped mind in the body of a fox”, Marina Diamandis, aka Marina & The Diamonds, is quickly making a name for herself as an artist to watch. Contributing writer Corey takes a look at Marina’s debut album, The Family Jewels, and tells us why this pop sensation is ready to dominate in 2010.

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Lindsay Lohan’s PR Machine De-Gays Lesbian Relationship with Sam

Bisexual Lindsay Lohan wants to get back together with Sam, but is now sticking to the “Sam is the only girl I ever liked” storyline. We know it’s just a story, but we explain why it matters that they’re making her tell it. Gaga exemplifies the modern age with her stardom. Natalie Portman is working on a female stoner comedy. Oh, and we shamelessly ask you to vote for us in some contests!

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Rachel’s Team Pick: GagaTube

Are you tired of having every comment on every youtube video be about how your mother is a fat whore who should kill herself? Yeah, me too. Wouldn’t it be better if every youtube comment were instead made by Lady Gaga, and was something awesome? Yes, it would. Now that dream can be a reality! […]

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Small Screen Homo: Lez Webseries Battle, MTV’s Lesbian “Douchebag” & Desperate Lesbian Housewives

Announcing Dinah Shore’s Battle of the Lesbian Webseries, MTV’s “I Can’t Believe You’re Dating Him” features a female couple and it’s kinda amazing and Desperate Housewives’ lesbian plot starts tonight. Also; Elton John, Lady Gaga condoms, DADT, eating disorders in models, Adam Lambert & Ke$ha, Tila Tequila, Westboro’s Gaga parody, Lindsay Lohan & more!


Queer Music Party: Tegan & Sara’s ALLIGATOR VIDEO, Kaki King, Sarah Slaton, Ke$ha, Bitch, Gaga, Nicki Minaj & More

Audiostraddle gets a make over! Also Tegan & Sara’s Alligator video premieres for real, Kaki King releases a new track from Junior, the Gossip announce US tour dates, the Vampire Weekend play doubles with a Jo-Bro and also; Ke$ha on bisexuality, Elton John says Jesus is gay, Nicki Minaj has a threesome and Lady Gaga is in a lot of magazines.

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Sara Quin Says She Likes You If You Cry, Tegan & Sara’s Alligator to Debut Saturday

Sara’s adorable interview with the Boston Globe and Tegan & Sara’s new Alligator video (dancing in winter coats!). Also; Kathy Griffin’s SVU guest spot has her lesbian lusting for Olivia Benson (REALLY!), Lady Gaga & RedOne in the studio, “We Have to Stop Now” photoshoot, Ewan McGregor’s gay sex w/Jim Carrey, ANTM’s maybe-lesbian, GLAAD honors Wanda Sykes & Scary Spice gets alternative lifestyle haircut.