Riese-on-Haviland Stillwell: Life is an Upright Cabaret

Haviland Stillwell, who you may know from the world-famous Haviland & Riese Vlogs, or perhaps from Broadway’s Les Miserables and/or Fiddler on the Roof, will be performing her one-woman spectacular of audio-visual singtastic delights, “West Coast Debutante” in Los Angeles at the Upright Cabaret on April 23rd. Because Haviland is both an international rising superstar and my BFF, I was able to sit down with her cyber-coastally and have a little AIM Chat about her big show, lauded on the website as: “a sassy night ranging from Kurt Weill to Madonna, from upbeat to out of control and beyond. Come see this versatile, charming and adorable “tight little ball of spunk, bad ass, and class.” Who doesn’t like tight little things? That’s right, we all love tight little things. Here goes!