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Pop Culture Fix: The Queerish “Heathers” Pilot Is Here To Get Your Goat and Other Stories Best Approached With Trepidation

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Brace yourself for the “Heathers” pilot, Melonie Diaz is playing gay again this time in Charmed, Lena Waithe’s “Twenties” is going to TBS, “Every Day” is a gender-hopping love story, Cherry Jones stars as a lesbian in “The Party,” the dudes who wrote Everything Sucks! on their inspo and so many other important YES VERY IMPORTANT stories!

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“Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History” by Vashti Harrison Is the Black Herstory I Needed as a Child

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“Close your eyes and imagine for one moment a world where little black girls spend their entire childhoods seeing women like the ones they will become in just as many books, television shows, awards ceremonies, universities, political offices, magazines, advertisements and leadership positions as their white peers do. Really picture it, and then ask yourself: what would that future look like?”