Bonnaroo Bound: Before We Go

There’s all this mostly-packed luggage and bags of shoes, batteries and snacks just lying around the bedroom, and in about five hours it’ll be on its way to Manchester, TN for Bonnaroo with me and Plucky Megan! As I write this, Megan is still asleep, but I’ve been awake and running on nervous energy since early this morning. I wish you were coming with us!

I don't think we're ready.

If you just can’t make it this year, you can still enjoy the festivities through the magical magic of Youtube. Bonnaroo’s doing a livestream! That’ll be neat.

If you are going to the farm, you’ll definitely want to download the Bonnaroo app. There are maps, an interactive schedule, Radio Bonnaroo and other neat stuff totally relevant to your big ol’ heart. The most exciting part of this updated app is the food vendor list! Mostly because I have no sense of direction and suffer from short-term memory loss. There’s a quick description of what foods are being served at each stand, and! And! It even tells you where the vendor is located within Centeroo! You guys, this means I won’t have to walk around for an hour looking for that one place with the mozzadillas.

Don’t forget to stop by the Broo’ers Village at around 4:30pm Friday to say hi and probably get drinks and foods! I’m really excited to look at your dirty sweaty face. Really!

In addition to getting totally amped for morning yoga and air conditioned comedy, we’ve been trying to (loosely) plan our music schedule. This becomes a lot harder than it should be because of how much enjoyment the Bonnaroo gods apparently get from pitting one band you really wanna see against another band you really, really wanna see. There are also a ton of bands I don’t know anything about. I feel like you probably have some strong feelings about which bands would be on your schedule. Wanna share them in the comments? Please do! I need your help.

Ok I’m off to get the essential last-minute items — beer, dry ice, ponchos and cowboy hats. For some reason I feel really anxious about where we’ll be camping this year. Cross your fingers for me? Oh yay Megan’s awake!

Tennessee is so effing green you guys.


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  1. This sounds like all the fun!! I want to hide in your overpacked suitcase so I can tagalong on your adventures!
    Also, is a mozzadilla like the white version of a quesadilla? Because that sounds heavenly!!

  2. jealous and excited!
    it’s great that it’s all being streamed on YT.
    i had a really good time in the camping only section last year—i got a spot right behind that tent, spitting distance from the arch.

  3. I’ve never been to a big music festival like this before but I feel like it’s something I should do in my lifetime. For now though I’ll have to live vicariously through you all.

    As far as schedule, I would def try to catch LP. Crystal just wrote a post about her and she’s awesome and also supes gay, which, y’know, bonus.

  4. Too many to choose from (I’m super jealous of everyone going) but I’d def be catching HuDost (Thurs 7 Jun 7-8 Great Taste Lounge) – I like their stuff, the lead singer has a gorgeous voice and they’re friends-of-friends

  5. Anyone who’s going should definitely check out my good friends in THE MAIN SQUEEZE, playing NOON on SATURDAY at the GREAT TASTE LOUNGE! They’re great friends of mine and bring the funk hard. If you like dancing, funky beats and amazing music, check em out!

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