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April’s Queer IRL gallery was all about queers in the out-of-doors, and wow, y’all get around out there! Are you ready for what’s next?

May’s Gallery Theme: Queer at Work

A little secret: June’s gallery theme will be focused on you not working, but before we can not work, we gotta WORK. So in anticipation of not working, and as a nice FUCK YOU to all those ‘religious freedom’ acts and horrible bigots who’d love to see us hidden away forever, we’re celebrating getting shit done.


1. Take a high quality picture of you at work. This is doable with most smartphones, so don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy camera. You know what else works and is super fun? Instant film and disposable cameras. I keep mentioning this because I just don’t want you to forget it.

Photos should be between 1024-3024 pixels wide so they’ll look nice on a full screen. Please don’t send anything smaller than 1024 pixels wide.

2. Send your picture to me at with the subject QUEER WORK. (It’s really important that you get the subject line exactly right, otherwise it slips past my filter and is lost forever!) Copy/paste this mini form into your email and fill in the blanks with your info!



*Age optional but cool. “Details” should include the work you’re doing in the photo, plus what this work means to you, or what you hope it means to others, or other interesting particulars worth sharing.

I reserve the right to edit your sentence/s for length or spelling errors. (I’m a pretty good editor though, so.) Your photo will appear in a full screen gallery on — the main site, not A+ — and might be used on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr) to promote the gallery. If you don’t want your photo to appear on social media, please make a note of that with your submission. You reserve full rights to your photo. Your contact info will not be shared. Photos will not be used to promote anything other than this exact gallery, and will not be used in any other future post.

Deadline: May 28


1. What is work?
I’m glad you asked! Work can be a lot of things: your employment situation, school, housework, parenting, home improvements, volunteering, caregiving, social justice-ing. If it helps you or others achieve or maintain a thing, it’s work. You might not want to show the thing/person you’re working on or reveal the company you work for — sex workers, parents, managers at The GAP, etc — and that is totally cool and fine. Be creative with angles, composition, and the subject of your photo. Brainstorm with us in the comments if you need help!

2. What is a queer person?
Queer people are lesbians, bisexuals, queer and otherwise-identified women, trans and non-binary folks.

3. Do you want us to be in the photo?
I do, yes! Yes please! I’d love that. You don’t necessarily have to be in it, but I think all your other queer person-reader friends would appreciate seeing another queer person staring back at them from their electronic screen situation. I know I do. Please be in your photo!!

4. What about my co-workers or my pets? Should they be in the photo?
Sure! Or not! Either way, friend.

5. What if I work from home on my sofa, or if my work doesn’t result in paycheck?
Oooooh do I feel strongly about both of these things! THAT’S WORK, BABE. You’re working. Take a picture.

6. What if my work is criminalized or otherwise has to be anonymous?
If possible, we’d still love to see you in this gallery, somehow. Feel free to obscure your face, take a picture of your vantage point in a room/office that doesn’t reveal your identity or the location, or get creative with your shot in other ways. See #1 above!

7. How sexy can we get here? Also tell me about your nudity policy.
We shan’t show nipples, genitalia, or simulated or actual sex. Sex toys or nude art are totally permitted.

Deadline: May 28

Leave your questions in the comments and if you have an idea for a future theme, let me know!

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  1. I’m glad you’ve given a broad definition of “work” so I can come up with something more exciting than a photo of my desk!

    Can’t wait to see another load of pics of all your lovely faces :)

  2. I’m glad “school” can count as work! I’m not sure how I’d get one of my colleagues at my shitty minimum wage catering job to take a picture of me for an undisclosed reason (I’m not out at work). I’ll have to come up with something creative involving the university library instead! :p

  3. On the day of the Inglorious Inauguration I just so happened to snap a few pics out the window of the law firm I was doing clerical temp work for.
    I don’t even think my reflection is in them.
    But should I submit them anyway

  4. ooooh this is great but i feel like it’s gonna be like “follow your arrow” where i feel like every other queer women in this eath have a more interesting job than mine (and i love my work !)


    (Also guess I need to involve my coworkers in this because I probably can’t get away with just setting up a tripod in shared office space without some explanation. For the in the bedroom gallery I set up a tripod and DSLR camera and giant flash unit in the corner of my room and then forgot to move it for weeks until after my coworker babysat my dog for me and was like “I wasn’t going to mention the sex camera, but wow is that hard to miss”.)

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