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May’s Queer IRL gallery was busy showing everyone just how much the world depends on us to keep it running: Queer at Work! It was inspiring and brought unexpected feelings right up into heart! Are you ready for your next collection?

June + July’s Gallery Theme: Queer on Holiday

You’ve been hard at work for so so long and you deserve a break! We want to see you and your pals chilling the fuck out this summer, so we’re making this gallery a special two-month situation. You’ll have plenty of time to plan your weekends or your afternoons, attend your festivals, loll about on the sand or the grass or the water or the deck, stuff your brain to the gills at the museums, recreate Crossroads, stand proudly beside the world’s largest ball of twine. There are a billion ways to spend your leisure time this summer, and I can’t wait to vicariously relax with every single one of you all around the world.


1. Take a high quality picture of you on vacation. This is doable with most smartphones, so don’t worry if you don’t have a fancy camera. You know what else works and is super fun? Disposable cameras. I keep mentioning this because I just don’t want you to forget it.

Photos should be between 1024-3024 pixels wide so they’ll look nice on a full screen. Please don’t send anything smaller than 1024 pixels wide.

2. Send your picture and info to me at with the subject QUEER HOLIDAY. Copy/paste this mini form into your email and fill in the blanks with your info!



*Optional but cool.

I reserve the right to edit your sentence/s for length or spelling errors. (I’m a pretty good editor though, so.) Your photo will appear in a full screen gallery on — the main site, not A+ — and might be used on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr) to promote the gallery. If you don’t want your photo to appear on social media, please make a note of that with your submission. You reserve full rights to your photo. Photos will not be used to promote anything other than this exact gallery, and will not be used in any other future post.

Deadline: July 24

Here is Megan, a butch lesbian woman from sunny California with incredible Dad Tendencies, at Bonnaroo in Tennessee.


1. What is a holiday?
A holiday or vacation or staycation or vacayyy are times when you’re not at your usual place of business/learning, and are instead having fun on purpose. Obviously not every holiday lasts for days or involves exotic locales. Your vacation is whatever you do to replenish your overworked, overstressed spirit.

2. What is a queer person?
Queer people are lesbians, bisexuals, queer and otherwise-identified women, trans and non-binary folks.

3. Does the photo need to be recent?
That would be GREAT, yes! The goal of these galleries is to provide our own visibility as well as a little time capsule of this weird year, and what better way to be visible and capsulize time than to be in a recent photo?

4. What about my not-queer friends and family? Should they be in the photo?

5. My vacation will just be me sitting on the sofa one afternoon with some grapes on a paper towel and an adult coloring book. Do you want a picture of something so unexeciting?
If it’s time you’ve set aside to restore your soul during these summer months, it counts! Take a pic of your finished coloring page, too.

6. How sexy can we get here? Also tell me about your nudity policy.
We shan’t show nipples, genitalia, or simulated or actual sex. Sex toys or nude art are totally permitted.

Deadline: July 24

Leave your questions in the comments and if you have an idea for a future theme, let me know!

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  1. I’ve been bad at submitting for the other galleries but I really want to do this one! Next weekend I’m going to a music festival and then I’m hosting an old college buddy from Idaho for a week long staycation. Can’t wait to submit some pictures.

  2. I’m not going anywhere REALLY fun until my baby brothers wedding in August – he’s getting married in BRAZIL! *sad face emoji*

    I’ll have to find somewhere to run away to before that, I guess.

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