Jess’s Team Pick: Be Good Johnny Weir on LOGO

I sadly missed the Sundance channel’s reality/docu-series Be Good Johnny Weir, centering on Johnny’s life and training for the 2010 Winter Olympics when it first aired last year. So, I was thrilled to learn that LOGO (my mom’s favorite channel, btw) purchased the rights and just started re-airing the series!

In my quest to DVR Be Good Johnny Weir I stumbled upon the full length Johnny documentary, Pop Star on Ice, originally filmed between 2006 and 2008 — also airing on LOGO right now. You can probs Netflix that baby if you don’t get LOGO.

Both the reality series and documentary follow Johnny moving in with his BFF Paris (a flaming gay guy who is reality TV material), his relationship with his mom and coaches, the decision to leave his longtime coach as he prepares for the upcoming Olympics, designing his costumes and the fire in his belly to beat arch-rival, Evan Lysacek. It’s really fun and Johnny is charming and does mock interviews in wigs and plays dress up and it’s just really, really gay all around.

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  1. I selfishly love this series because it features Newark, DE, where I went to college. A friend of mine had classes with him in middle school and says he was always fierce and extremely self-assured.

  2. Riese- I, too, looooove documentaries.

    Johnny Weir? I want to be his boyfriend so badly! He confuses everything that I ever understood about my sexuality. I’m a Femme Dyke til the day is done, but damn. I have such a crush on him.

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