Autostraddle Remembers Bonnaroo 2011: Photo Diary




1. Packing light. Just the essentials, really.


2. Getting to know the neighbors.


3. Making sure the campsite was recognizable from a distance.


4. Respecting the morning routine.


5. Washing our hair at camp! <— best


6. Planning the day, but staying flexible. Also more drinks + snacks.


7. Taking a taxi. We were ‘lucky’ enough to have a campsite at the outer edge of the farm (“I can’t believe the treeline is like, right there!”), which meant we could take a taxi to Centeroo. The taxi goes wayyy out of the way, so we only did this once. But it was nice.



8. Being prepared to stand in line. There was a fan and water involved. We were smart.


9. Bringing money for food. Wood-fired pizza, fries, aforementioned samosas, food trucks, etc. Totally not effing around.





A selection of microbrews (mostly from the region), outdoor picnic tables and cute lights. This is not only up our alley, it is the alley.


Sarah and I were sort of casual fans of Hesta Prynn before Bonnaroo, in that Sarah had never listened to her music and I had just downloaded her latest album, Can We Go Wrong, three days before leaving Phoenix, so I’m embarrassed to say that we almost didn’t make it to her set. You guys, wow. Hesta Prynn. This woman sings her ass off and whatever’s left over, she dances off. And of course her musical talent comes first YES OBVIOUSLY but would you please, please take a sec to appreciate her killer thighs?

Sarah: In the Venn Diagram of people that Laneia and I are attracted to, it turns out that Hesta Prynn and Samantha Ronson are pretty much the only occupants of that middle ground.

via wire image


Sarah: These guys always manage to seem to be so excited and so humble, which is crazy because they are SO famous right now. The set list was a good mix of their three albums and had enough variation to give everyone a break from time to time. I forget just how many fantastic songs they have until they play a show and I’m unable to sit down for the whole damn time. Actually, I can’t pick out a particular song that was the best of the set, though the encore (Wake Up and Sprawl II) was absolutely perfect.


Sarah really loved these hammocks and probably had the best nap of her entire life in that blue one in the back. I feel differently.



Sarah: The Sonic Stage, where the Freelance Whales did their second show, is one of my favorite parts about Bonnaroo. The point of the Sonic Stage is to bring in acts who have already played a large tent and give them a chance to do a smaller performance. Both shows were really great, for different reasons. After doing a traditional set on Thursday, Friday’s was acoustic, which, for a band like Freelance, is always a treat. They have such an array of instruments, including a xylophone and a glockenspiel, that sound more interesting without all the electric shit in the way. They ended up having to pick the last two songs on the fly because they were over time, and it was supes cute to watch them have a band conference. The obvious crowd favorite at both concerts was “Hannah,” and both of their “Generator” songs sound excellent in concert. Sidenote: Doris Cellar is totally crushworthy, check that out.


Nighttime on the farm is so much better in clean, dry clothes. This year I just brought a new outfit with me to Centeroo (no way I’m walking back to Camp M) and changed in the porta-loos. This is for sure a thing I recommend.


No one had the presence of mind to photograph these events. I’m still pretty sad about that.

So tell me, are you ready to come with us to Bonnaroo 2012? You can preorder your tickets at a discounted price on June 17 starting at 12pm Eastern! Those will sell out in about four hot seconds, but it’s worth a shot.


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  1. I love Bonnaroo so much. I have missed it ever since the first (and to date only time) I went. I got effed out of tickets on Craigslist last year. But alas, when it’s not meant to be….life happens.
    I got off work last Wednesday and I just had to laugh at all the people on the interstate that I could tell were headed to Manchester.

    Laneia, did you live or grow up in TN? I live in good ole Murfreesboro.

  2. I can’t help but stare at everyone’s crowd pictures, it’s like I think I might possibly be in them. And with 80,000 people, what are the odds? Also: the parachuters before Arcade Fire were mind blowing.

  3. Music is HUGE and yes, any kind will find its heart BUT f *the pictures and definitely f* the sound systems (no offense). The most worth while experience and the only one with enough potency to keep all 79,998 people going, PERIOD. Each other. Each person I spoke to: open and generous, forthcoming with all. At points I though my skin would catch fire, and then someone spray me with water. I thought I was lost forever is a sea of mammals and I found friends. Well worth the near death experience – Bonnaroo 2012… see you crazy kids

  4. I just finished posting the 5-10 Bonnaroo pictures I managed to take–I mean, who has time for pictures with all the singing and dancing and musicing? I also drafted my own little version of “Things I Learned and Feelings I Felt: Bonnaroo 2011” If only I could figure out a way to share it with you all…

  5. Now I really, really, really regret not buying those damn Roskilde tickets… I didn’t think I’d get a job BUT I DID, which is good anyways, I guess. I’ll take her out for dinner and give her that book she wanted.

  6. So I really want to go now, but my biggest question is are there children there?? Because there is no way I could tell my son I am going to go camp out at a music festival for 4 days and him be ok with not going… Plus he is one of those awesome kids that would go for the music and remember it forever… But I’d feel odd if he was one of like 5 kids there!

    • There are so many more kids there than I expected. People had strollers, Savannah. WTF. There is also a whole kids’ tent with activities and crafts and such so they won’t get bored! Bring ‘im.

    • There were way more kids than last year, and Bonus! Kids under 6 are free! They even have a little kids area where they can make drums and become little hippies. And there’s a special family camping area for people with kids, so you kind of avoid the whole all night party that the rest of the campground becomes. I’ve never brought my kids though, I’m thinking maybe next year?

  7. bonnaroo was magical. This was my fifth year going and every year gets better. Arcade Fire blew me away! worth every penny and dime spent. BONNAROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. bonnaroo was magical. This was my fifth year going and every year gets better. Arcade Fire blew me away! worth every penny and dime spent. BONNAROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Savannah… there are kids that attend with parents. they have a special family only camp section so you don’t have to be next to all of the crazy drugged up hippies when you attend! def. bring your son, it’s a life changing experience.

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