Autostraddle Calendar Girls: Kayla is Miss September

It’s September! While you’re getting ready for layers and hoodies, our new Calendar Girl is taking off almost everything! Don’t you love Autostraddle? YEAH YOU DO.

Firstly, a little refresh of the Calendar Girl concept for any newbies:

We just think Maxim, COED and Playboy shouldn’t get to corner the market on “monthly devotions to very very good looking women.” We know lots of hot lesbians who also look good casually lounging on bedsheets and hanging out at the pool/on the couch.

Each month our photographer Robin will shoot a Le Cadeau by Robin set (as featured on WeTV) with one beautiful, talented, smart, interesting and sexy lesbian lady. At the end of the year, we’ll have a pretty kickass calendar that you can buy for 2011, which is our last year on earth before the apocalypse. Don’t you want to keep track of that in style?


Missed a month, or need an repeat performance?
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This month’s Autostraddle Calendar Girl is:


Miss September


From Photographer Robin Roemer:

“Miss Kayla road-tripped it all the way from Boston to NYC to shoot with us.  She has real southern charm and tremendous natural beauty.  We were so excited to finally get to play with menswear!  Thanks to Sara Medd, our stylist, for finding and fitting Kayla in fun and sexy threads, and Christina Natale for Kayla’s natural make-up that enhanced her piercing blue eyes.”




Kayla’s early-budding musical interests can be attributed to growing up in a family full of singers and guitar players. She was singing by age three, playing piano at eight, and learning bluegrass and country guitar licks from her grandfather at eleven.
Kayla recently began recording and producing her own hip hop/pop music, and is the lead singer of a Boston-based pop/rock band, She Killer. She’s currently enrolled at Berklee College of Music as a vocal principle.
Want more? Check out Kayla’s Myspace!

Kaylas questionnaire




As always; if you’d like to be gawked at by thousands of lesbians and get photographed by celebrity world-famous photog Robin Roemer, email Robin at robin[at]autostraddle[dot]com with two photos of yourself and tell her a little something about why you’re so special. You must live in the NYC area or be able to get there and be 21+.



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Robin is the founder and CEO of Robin Roemer Photography. When she’s not busy photographing portraits, fashions or famous people, she’ll be sharing her photos and musings here on autostraddle. Robin is an aggressive hugger and likes traveling and cute shoes. If you want, she will also photograph your gay wedding or your cute girlfriend. Follow her on twitter. Contact: robin[at]

Robin has written 82 articles for us.


  1. I see one of her goals is to learn to speak French.

    Someone please tell her I speak French and would love to teach her. Then if that goes well, find out where I can sign up to learn French.


  2. Ahem* I am blonde, have nice eyebrows (I think they are super nice because I never get to see them except in the summer when they bleach out enough), I was a science major (biology major with a minor in chemistry and latin). I LOVE text books, reading one right now, Immunology for med students.

    just saying.

    wish i was still an undergrad.

  3. wowsers…
    7 years of learning french might finally come in handy (although it is useful when a french person is insulting you under their breath which is a lot of the time)

  4. this morning I got my wisdom teeth extracted. when I got home (and the drugs wore off), I remembered it was September at which point I hurried to autostraddle.

    let me just say, kayla, you made my day. the hair, the eyes, the everything. 🙂

    i think the series w/ the tank top and tie are my favorite. Robin, you did an amazing job as usual.

  5. Ms. Spetember is my favorite so far. I like all the photos! The ones with the vest are so goregeous! =) Very hot! I am blond, love reading textbooks, like to get my eyebrows threaded or waxed so they look hot and live on the west coast (so sad) Kayla is amazing!

  6. Okay, important question:

    Where did Kayla’s black underwear come from? Because I need me some like that. They seem a lot like my Hanes ladies boxer briefs and Hanes stopped making those and I am HEARTBROKEN.

    (other boxer brief suggestions welcome).

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