Autonatic #7: Nat Models Through It

What’s Nat up to this week’s episode of More to L with Autonatic? Oh nuthin’ just being part of the Lucky Dog Leather photoshoot for Bound Magazine with Cathy DeBuono and Jill Bennett from the webseries We Have to Stop Now and Tracy from The Stamie and Tracy Show! Lucia Gerbino, founder and owner of Lucky Dog Leather, talked to Jess a few months ago about being The Place to get sexy cuffs and bracelets. Did you know that lesbians love cuffs and bracelets? It’s true. You should go buy one.

Nat’s wearing a lot of green eyeshadow and rockin’ some serious alternative-lifestyle hair because Lucky Dog Leather is all about ATTITUDE and SEXY and, you know, LEATHER. She says she feels like Billy Idol and Joan Jett’s lovechild, but I think she kinda looks like a femmy Adam Lambert, which is maybe the same thing as an Idol/Jett punk bebbe?

How adorable and sweet and sexy is Nat in this little video? If you haven’t fallen madly in love with her yet, you’re about to.


As always, big big thanks to Showtime for all their hard work on More to L with Autonatic! They must have a sh*t ton of money over there, huh? Wonder what that’s like.

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