VIDEO: Autonatic #3 – Nat Straddles Showtime’s Face, Real L Word Style

You’ve been begging for a new episode of AutoNatic, and we refuse to disappoint. Autostraddle’s very own Nat Garcia recently sat down and stood up and walked around with and spoke to those awesome kids at Showtime re: her radical, loving gay / lesbian lifestyle. It’s called More to L With Natalie, and was filmed, produced, and edited by Showtime, but WHATEVER DETAILS. Here it is we hope you like it!

For more Nat Garcia, watch directly after a show called “The Real L Word,” which we hear is pretty f*ck;ng terrible.

I hope you watched Nat tonight interviewing Whitney and another girl in a yellow skirt on She was totally a star, and wearing a cute yellow blazer, and used twitter for the first time ever. I also really liked the cityscape in the background. No but for real we actually genuinely loved it, were wondering what was happening on the iPad, and felt like Nat made funny faces.

Look, it’s Nat:

Anyhow, if anyone googles Nat Real L Word or Nat L Word or Real L Word Nat or Who is Nat Real L word then I hope you came here, and want to watch all her other amazing videos.

This is Brandy Howard and Nat doing a celebration dance after we won something but somehow someone else was declared the winner:

Rock on bitches, holler, Nat’s getting serious famous and we think she’s the bestest like of ever for all of time.

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      • And me!!

        So I’ve just been and tried Sho.coms website and I thought it was going to work as it let me press the ‘PLAY’ button (oh silly me and my optimism)…but then I got ‘currently unavailable, please check back soon’ So near..yet so far :(

        Maybe these lovely ladies at Autostraddle will do recaps of Nats interviews instead of the actual show, well, except for the bits with Tracey in, because she’s super cute too!

        In fact can we just do away with the Real L Word and Autostraddle do their own ‘Nat and Tracey Show’- A totally awesome gay loving lesbian lifestyle show, for ladies all around the world.

        p.s, I love that ‘Straddle this’ pic of Nat
        pps, I really should go do some work now.

    • *SOB* Stupid out of zone-ness.

      It would be real sweet if Autostraddle were able to get a legit version of it (as opposed to something not legit? You know what I mean..I don’t want to break no rules) posted on here that was hosted by Vimeo or something. Pleassssse.

        • Thanks Maria!
          Yes this was the one I tried to watch the other day, but it wouldn’t play and just keep displaying ‘check back soon’. Perhaps they were still processing it?

          I guess they didn’t choose Nat to be on the L Word because she’s too real. I admire her honesty about her relationship. I just wish the world wasn’t so judgmental when it comes to gender, race, age etc, because at the end of the day, love knows no age, race or gender,only the person within. *sigh* the world just needs to hug and be happy!

    • I’m guessing it’s due to licensing – since The Real L Word isn’t licensed in Australia/other places that people are from (MORE’S THE PITY, AMIRITE) we can’t watch it. Or something along those lines. Which means Showtime will just say “TOO BAD SO SAD :(“

      • ‘TOO BAD SO SAD’ – I like that!!! Yes, defo more’s the pity.

        Oh well I’m making do with real L word happenins in our (UK)Big Brother house, big storyline of unrequited love between Shabby (aka Shane) and Caoimhe (aka irish beauty, who totally rocks the hipster look) I know it’s a reality show, but she really does have it bad for her, and hey who could blame her!

  1. i can’t believe you guys can’t see it! the part when oprah gives nat a car is really sweet, and then the guys from were a lot funnier than i expected. anyway, maybe it’s on youtube somewhere.

  2. so credit to the the real l word and showtime for having nat garcia as a redeeming (albeit online) quality! my girlfriend and i have a similar age difference and i would have LOOOVED to see nat’s story or something like it in the actual show. (by the way, you two are adorable!).

    the show’s creators / Chaiken are obvs caught up with filling out a stereotypical cast (the rock-solid couple, the player, the reformed player, whatever) and focusing on sex and parties and palm trees. lesbians are FULL of complex feelings, nuance and intrigue – where is it?! – and don’t tell me the answer may be found within the power of the clam.

    also, nat or autostraddle ladies: i want some inside intel… is that girl’s name really pronounced ‘sara’ (sah-rah) or is that just some crazy shit whitney was making up to sound cool as she went about her multi-tasking?

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