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What I Like

Favorite Books

Any and all books by Virginia Woolf, “Leaves of Grass” by Walt Whitman, all of the work by Joe Hill, the stories of Edgar Allen Poe, “Girls to the Front” by Sara Marcus.
And there’s no box for ’em, but most of my reading material consists of plays rather than novels, but I wouldn’t be able to shut up if I started on those!

Favorite Queer Books

“Orlando” by Virginia Woolf, “Gender Trouble” by Judith Butler (of course), “Valencia” by Michelle Tea and I just read “Inferno” by Eileen Myles, which was swell!
And plays? I’m glad you asked!
“The Children’s Hour” by Lillian Hellman, “Stop Kiss” by Diana Son, “The Homosexuals” by Philip Dawkins

Favorite Movies

Girl, don’t EVEN get me started! I’m by no means a movie buff–I’m just a junkie! Now I LOVE me those lovely classics (I’ll watch a silent film or some noir/Universal Horror/arthouse award-winner/suchlike anytime), don’t get me wrong…but I do spend a disproportionately large portion of my time watching B-movies, not gunna lie!

Favorite TV Shows

Addams Family, Laverne & Shirely, Svengoolie, Blackadder

Favorite Writers

Anyone who can write something that leaves me bothered and forces me to think is good in my book. Same rule applies for plays/movies/comics….any art!