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Vancouver, WA

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About Me

I’m Charlamagne, like the king. I just moved to Vancouver from Wyoming. I go to school for English and Psychology. I have two french bulldogs, a brindle baby named Data, and a cream/fawn named Captain, they’re my children and I love them more than anything. I’m a bit (well a lot) of a loner. I’m super introverted and kinda socially inept. But I think I’m a pretty decent person, I’m kind to everyone, I think. I love hanging out in coffee shops, let’s find new coffee shops! I’m totally okay with LDRs, I love traveling, but it’s gotta be a two-way thing. You wouldn’t believe how much it sucks when a LDR is one-sided for the traveling thing. But yeah. That’s me in a nutshell, let’s talk.

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Lesbian, Queer, Other



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Single, Forever Alone