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    All these people have joined, but no is saying anything! What a shame, since I know all you purty ladies love to talk. So, how long have you been a vagatarian?
    (Whoops, I totally meant to say vegatarian. Or did I?)

    • I went fully veggie during summer 2009 and totally vegan December of that year, so not very long at all. It’s great though, I can’t see myself ever going back to eating meat.

    • When I was 9. Bad burger. Haven’t regretted it :D

    • Was totally thinking that too. Wasn’t brave enough to be “that person.”
      I’ve been fully vegetarian since summer 2009 as well. I’ve decided I’m going vegan, but after the summer because I don’t have much control over what I’m eating most of the time at the sleepaway camp I work at (being vegetarian there is hard enough) and in the fall I’m going to…[Read more]

    • 5 years vegan (1 year towards low-fat raw) and 2 years of vegetarianism before that, all began at age 13 :)

      Was the first one in my extended family to turn and a year or two ago the teasing finally stopped and half my family turned vegan -for health reasons and now we’re all a little raw together :)

    • 17 years of vegetarian life… 12 years of vagitarian life…. never looked back. =)

    • When I was 17 (so, 12 years ago now), my family lived on a ranch taking care of these people’s horses in exchange for reduced rent and free board for my horse. They bought two cows and we took care of them, too. I knew they would be killed for food, but I figured they’d be taken to the slaughter operation down the highway from us (a small mom &…[Read more]

    • I’ve been vegan for six years and vegetarian for around ten. When I was 9 I decided to stop eating cows and pigs because they were cute and kind of furry like my cat, and when I was 14 I finally gave up all meat.

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