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    For any ladies who like the geekier side of life, my tumblr is I think I’ve already met a couple of you in tumblrland…

    If not, please feel free to say hi! :)

  • hello there! can i please ask for some opinions on age differences? to elaborate, a really nice girl messaged me on ok cupid, saying she knows that she’s younger than i’m looking for, but she thinks we’ll get on. i’m 27, and she’s 22. i messaged back, saying she is too young, but seeing as she’s lovely (and newly out) does she want to meet for a…[Read more]

    • for me that would be too big if an age gap. but i think that in lesbian relationships there is a higher chance of an age gap??

      • Thanks for the advice Ami! It does seem like a lot… I’m worried. But I’m really struggling to meet girls my own age, I don’t know where they are! They must have set up their own wee lesbian circle some time ago. She’s graduated and everything, so she’s not a child, but… I don’t know. It’s not like I’m super mature, but I don’t want to be a…[Read more]

        • I think the age gap would be more of an issue if say you were 21/22 and she was 16/17. When you get into your 20’s people see you more as an adult, and age gaps become less of a ‘OMG she’s how old?!’-you know what I mean? I guess it basically comes down to how the 2 of you feel about it, if it bothers either of you now then chances are it’s never…[Read more]

    • She doesn’t seem bothered by the age gap. The only question I can think of is, are you bothered by it? Who cares what other people think… they’re probably just jelly.

    • when I was 16 I went out with a girl 3.5years older than me. It never really bothered me or anyone else I think, not quite the same difference but your friends will get to know her and shouldn’t judge you for it. Why miss out a chance on something special?

      Also this kind of makes me want to reopen my OKC, just a little bit.

      • You guys rock. Reading your opinions and having a good old think, I have decided that who cares what other people think? A wee bit of an age disparity is just not a big deal. I’m not sure it’s going to work out with this particular girl, but given I keep on meeting youngsters this is all very relevant to my life just now, and I won’t panic over…[Read more]

    • I’m 27 and my girlfriend is turning 21 in two weeks… once in awhile the age difference creates some issues, but for the most part I usually forget about it. She is pretty mature for her age, and I’m pretty immature… people always assume she’s 23-25 years old and that I’m 18-21 years old lol… either way, once you’re a grown up the age…[Read more]

    • I think this isnt a major issue at all. My girlfriend just turned 32 and I am 21. We meet in school and she looks much younger than she is but when by the time I found out how old she was, I was already smitten. Initially we both thought the age gap would be a major issue but it really hasnt been. As a matter a fact (and maybe this is just me) I…[Read more]

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