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    For anyone interested, Ani DiFranco is playing at the Ritz in Ybor City (Tampa’s official gay/party district) on Tuesday, October 16th. Tickets I’ve found run $25. :)

    • I want to go so bad! I’m trying to get someone to cover my shift at work, so *fingers crossed*. Are you going?

      • I think so, provided I can get off work in time! I should be able to though, my dispatcher is usually pretty willing to work around people’s schedules. It would be neat to do a meetup there :) I really want to see her. I’ve actually never been to any kind of queer musician performance before, does that make me a bad lesbian?

        • You are definitely not a bad lesbian haha I’ve only been to one myself! I was able to get off work so will most likely be there, if you go and want to meet up or something, let me know :)