Kayla M

  • Hi everyone! I’m new to Autostraddle, and I’m trying to find other artists who make work that is outside of a heteronormative/gender binary narrative. I’d really like to start taking my own artwork in a new direction, but want to be educated about the women who have come before me who have talked about homosexuality and gender identity in their work.

    • Cool! that sounds really interesting and kind of similar to what I’m trying to do with my work. Do you have some artists in mind that you are looking at already? What style(s) of art are you working in?

      • I’m actually struggling to find other female artists who talk about female homosexuality. I have found plenty of male artists who do. I don’t know if I’m looking in the wrong places? I create figurative ceramic sculpture and for the past year have been using it to talk about my own gender/sexuality discoveries. I’m currently using visual cues…[Read more]

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    Some beer resources:

    Rate Beer – http://www.ratebeer.com
    Beer Advocate – http://www.beeradvocate.com

    Extensive resource for types, brands, reviews of beers, and more. Just remember that all content is user-generated, and like all things when it comes to sensory, it is very subjective. But I have found it helpful to give me ideas of what a beer might be like…[Read more]

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    Exiled. It’s a awkward game of 2 degrees of my exes.