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  • Opinions on the Atlas Shrugged movie? I liked it, but I’ve heard everything from (from conservatives) from loving it to thinking that Rand is rolling over in her grave because of it.

    The book, as well as most of Rand’s other works, is very special to me.

    • I am definitely not a Randian and have only read The Fountainhead. I do find aspects of her ideology interesting, but also too restrictive. I didn’t forgo the movie because of that thought, it’s more because the one theatre it played at in, like, all of Atlanta, was too far away.

      Honestly though, I’ve only heard bad things, so I don’t really…[Read more]

      • The critics panned it, but really…critics are often very liberal. I don’t agree with her 100% of the time, but I do agree with most of the basics.

        The actors were great and there was some fantastic footage. The music was…meh…but you can’t get everything.

        People claimed it wasn’t funny, they claim the book has no humor…maybe I just like…[Read more]

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