• Hello all! Anyone working on any projects right now?? I’m going stir crazy and need to talk film!!!

    • Ya, actually! Getting ready to shoot a short doc. on a couple LGBT run churches in Alabama. Planning to start shooting in the next couple weeks so pretty pumped about that :).

      Also, I hope this doesn’t come across super sketch, but I’m pretty sure I took Spring Film with you last year in NOLA. If I’m wrong- I sincerely apologize for my awkwardness.

      • Hey that sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to do a documentary. You should write a piece about the experience for Autostraddle. ;)

        Also, that was definitely me. Small world! Are you Myah from Florida?

        • You should shoot one! :). Haha, actually, that’s a pretty good idea, I guess there’s a possibility ;).

          Haha, wow, look at that…sorry again for the creeper vibes that may have come off unintentionally in that question lol, but anyhow, that’s pretty awesome. It is indeed a small world. Yep! That’s me. I’m at UA about to graduate this semester,…[Read more]

          • Haha, no creepy vibes at all , promise!
            I like how small of a world it is, though, that we would run into each other again a year later on Autostraddle of all places.
            Good luck with your documentary!! And with graduation!

  • I am currently writing a script for a short film I get to produce in the UNO film program this upcoming year, and I would love to hear some advice from you lovely creative minds. It’s about a girl wanting to attend an art show, but when she does not receive the support (or transportation) from her workaholic gf, decides to hit the road on her…[Read more]

  • I’m Lizzie. 21, NOLA, film dork. I am currently blushing right now. Does that make this weird?

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