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    I have a bunch of books I want to talk about (also somehow like fifteen times as many that I still need to read, I don’t know, borders closeout sales are evil).

    I reread this book I remembered really liking as a kid, Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson (175 pages)–I happened upon it in a bookstore and it sounded…[Read more]

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    Hey guys!

    So, I saw the Harry Potter movie last Saturday, and I decided it would be fun to reread the books! Like, all of them! So I did. (309, 341, 317, 734, 870, 652, and 759 pages, individually, and 3,982 pages total!)

    On the whole, it was a really strange experience. I had read the books when I was much younger and…[Read more]

  • Hi @internrachel @julia1!

    I’ve read more books! My girlfriend calls it an addiction but I don’t believe her.

    Today I read The Night in Question by Tobias Wolff (206 pages), which is one of my summer reading books and was absolutely amazing. I love Tobias Wolff and have read several of the stories in the collection before, but he continues to wow…[Read more]

    • Oops! I forgot one! I also reread 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane. It’s a play and it’s only 43 pages, but it’s amazing and postmodern and about depression and mental illness and I absolutely love it. I probably read it at least once every few months.

    • Ooh, I liked Rant. Invisible Monsters is my all time favorite of Palahniuk’s, although Fight Club is a close second. I found that I didn’t enjoy many of his later novels, until Rant came along. It’s a total mind fuck and I loved the categorizing of people by Day/Night. Very inventive story.

  • Okay, so I have a lot of books to talk about @internrachel @julia1!

    So, first I read an advance reader’s copy of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, 205 pages. It was a YA novel at its most mediocre, and kind of painful to finish. The plot was overused, the prose stilted, and the entire book was just sort of irritating. I did, however, have fun…[Read more]

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    Hi guys! So I just finished Brett Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero, 208 pages.

    I totally thought that all of the hype about it being “disturbing” or really in any way exceptional or exceptionable was mostly bull until somewhere around the last fifty pages. At first it really just seemed like another “drug novel” or “book that’s…[Read more]

    • I am indifferent about Ellis! For some reason I cannot make up my mind about him, haha. I did like Less Than Zero…. but Lunar Park struck me more.

  • Hi @internrachel, @julia1 and everybody else!

    I am sososo excited about book club!!!!!

    I read Between the Bridge and the River by Craig Ferguson (329 pages) a few days ago…I didn’t actually know he used to be a talk show host, until about halfway through when I decided to read the back. It was a fun summer read but not exceptional :( It was…[Read more]

    • I read Between the Bridge and the River years ago, when I watched Craig Ferguson’s show. Mostly I remember that there was a prostitute and what seemed like product placement for a suit. (Do they do product placement in novels? He was certainly talking one up.) Good times, though.

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