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    Hi all!
    Prospective law student here. Currently living in the would-be bible belt of Canada and hating every minute of it. Even the LGBT crowd is homophobic here :(

    So naturally I’ve applied to get the fuck out of this place.

    My research indicates Boston is among the most lesbian-friendly places one can live.
    I’ve also applied to Chicago, Philadelphia and Denver.
    Have I left anywhere off that is super lesbian-friendly?

    I’m hoping you can help me decide the best place to live for three years of law school (and hopefully the rest of my life).

    A bit about me:

    I’m athletic. I play sports all year round. From triathlon and hiking in the summer to xc skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. But I don’t watch any sports. (I’m not opposed… I’m opposed to football, but that’s it.) So the more outdoorsy things in the middle of the city/school, the better. Other interests include improv and comedy. I’m driven, enjoy working hard and like being around people who are goal-oriented, go-getters with lots of interesting thoughts. Not much of a drinker or partier but I like a beer and a good conversation.

    Any advice or personal experience you’re willing to share would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance :)