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About Me

I’ve been reading AS for years now, but never signed up. This is one of few sites though where I feel I can safely do so, you guys are so respectful, open and funny. So I decided to jump in.
Needless to say, I’m usually a bit shy. I’m also a bit cautious due to my autism. I have a tendency to react to a person while missing their point, my words won’t come off the way I want them to, or I’m being misunderstood myself. This happens on a regular basis in real life, so, I’m not often on message boards. But I’d like to be! So. I’ll try my best. If I confuse or bother you in any way, please just say so, we’ll probably be able to work it out. That being said, I’m more than just socially awkward.. :) Basic other stuff that defines me is my love for music, books, art, politics and nice, fun, smart people. Seems like I fit right in here :)

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