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    There are a couple of thing frustrating me at the moment:
    1. I still have to pass 3 exams but it seems that everyone in my country has already finished and is partying.
    2. I asked my friends to stop using the word gay when insulting people (i know they don’t associate homosexuality with something bad), but they told me not to be so sensitive and that i just had to be patient. Because gay is the coolest insult around nowadays and calling someone a loser or asshole just doesn’t do the job. Meanwhile, last week a gay man was brutally assaulted by moroccans in city where i live. This obviously shows that even though we live in a country where gays can marry, homophobia is still all around. All the more reason to be more creative with your insults, but its not cool enough.
    3. My parents won’t buy me a cat.

    • Are you partying yet?

      • haha actually i am, its been a while since i checked autostraddle.
        Plus, a friend of mine is buying a cat and we’re living in the same house so i’ve got nothing left to complain about, i could delete this group :p
        We’re naming the cat Voldemort.