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    So, Im about to go to my university’s GLBTQA student org meeting, which is a first for me. So far Im out to pretty much no one, so this is a rather large step… and Im sorta freaking out >< It's no big deal, right? So why cant I remember that, lol. Sigh

    • How did it go? I remember feeling the exact same way last year when I went to my school’s LGBT group.

      • It went really well, better than I was hoping. Walking in the door was scary as shit, lol. So many people! But everyone was friendly, and that was awesome. Something to go to again, for sure. :)

        • Great! I’m glad it was a good experience. I felt like I basically had “gay” tattooed to my forehead and had to keep telling myself that no one there cared whether I was gay or straight or whatever. It probably didn’t help that I hadn’t come out to anybody yet.

          • Yeah, there was that too. But then I thought about how oblivious I was about the group before I went looking for it, so that made things a bit better. Im in no shape to come out to friends/family at the moment… need to finish figuring myself out first, lol

        • That’s awesome that it went well! I was going to say that LGBTQA groups in college usually have at least a few straight ally members so don’t worry that you’re announcing your sexuality in any way.

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