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    Alright lesbians, import question. I had a roommate for the last 2 1/2 years, and my
    rookie had a cat. I’ve relocated recently and brought my cat along, who lives with the rookie’s cat since she was a kitten. I work long hours, and noe she is all by herself. Does I need to rescue another kitty so she has a friend? Will she be lonely?!

    • My roomie* had a cat

    • Is there enough space for two cats? Can you afford it? Do all other practicalities of having two cats work out? If yes: I’d say, go for it! It sounds like your kitty would probably enjoy the company! (And do ask your local shelter for a cat who’d do well with another cat, cause not all of them do.)

      • How much space do two cats need? I am in a one bedroom apartment. But the other things, yes.

        • That depends on the house, of course. Can they go outside? Are they allowed in the other rooms of the house? Can and are they allowed to roam the hallway etc.?

    • Well, keep in mind that some cats do not get along with eachother if they are adopted at seperate times. I got a cat ten years ago and then got another two years later. They totally hate eachother. Sometimes they get very territorial so getting another cat might not be a good idea. Try making a seriously awesome space for your kitty which is tall…[Read more]

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