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  • Alannah posted an update in the group Group logo of Tarot SchoolTarot School 7 years, 11 months ago

    Hey, I’m Alannah. I’m pretty quiet ’round Autostraddle but I thought I’d maybe start posting more. I’ve been reading tarot for a few years off and on but never really found it spoke to me. The old-timey images don’t really give me much, but I only recently discovered how radical tarot can be. That changed everything, and it felt like it could…[Read more]

    • LOL – that wasn’t long-winded at all! Welcome to the group! Tarot art has exploded in such a good way in recent years. It seems a lot of artists are bringing more current imagery into it, which is wonderful. I don’t have Wild Unknown, but I’ve seen it and it’s gorgeous! Been reading a lot from The Dreaming Way Tarot lately and having great luck so…[Read more]

    • Hey Alannah! I know what you mean about the older images not speaking to you – I feel the same way, though I do have a *major* soft spot for the Rider Waite Smith tarot. I really believe there’s a deck for everyone out there somewhere :)

    • I picked up a mini RWS deck because I wanted to practice with its very specific imagery since it’s what so many modern decks are based on. I also picked up the Housewives Tarot because I loved the snarky tone. There decks for everyone, definitely.

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