Artist Attack! Spotlight: Alice Hyde Draws What’s Hidden

Art Attack Month:

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27. 2/27/2012 – Read a F*cking Book: ‘The Last Nude,’ by Amanda Catharine
28. 2/27/2012 – Spotlight: Alice Hyde, by Laneia


Alice Hyde’s illustrations are whimsical, colorful things, and you could almost just leave them at that, but you’ll want to look deeper. There’s something eerie and a little sad there. And just as you’re realizing that it’s not quite eerie, that it’s maybe shyness — or embarrassment? — it’s rushed past you and you’re urged to look! Over here! At something else! You didn’t see anything back there. It was all in your head, maybe.

Artist Statement

Deep inside I am somebody else. An animal, a great bear, a wolf, a boy. My desire for you, for life, is like a beast. Untameable, held back only by the exertion of all my muscles, all my beliefs, all my fears. My whole being cries out to be free. The creature inside cries out, faint but ever-present. Sometimes it escapes. It leaps out of me and runs through the forest naked, kills other animals in a vengeful fury. I know myself better now. I know how I would show myself to you. Slowly, carefully unclench my body. My furry animal body. (continued below)

To me, werewolves represent what it feels like to have a hidden part of yourself. It’s dangerous, to be controlled and ashamed of. Always worried that you will be discovered and shunned, ridiculed, declared a menace to society.

For much of my life my queer identity has been hidden. My masculinity has been hidden. My desire has been hidden. My work about werewolves mirrors my own secret inner life. It has taken me years to feel comfortable with all of me, and to not feel ashamed of who I am.

Learn more about Alice Hyde!

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  1. these are so cool. i like the statement too, the whole concept- especially this: “It’s dangerous, to be controlled and ashamed of. Always worried that you will be discovered and shunned, ridiculed, declared a menace to society.” thanks laneia!

  2. Love the colors! Especially the contrast going on in that last picture, I just keep going back to check it out.

    I think the werewolf/ queer identity metaphor is a powerful one, really excited to see it explored. Made me think of the trippy genderqueer scenes from Hesse’s Steppenwolf.

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