Anyone But Me: Season Two Finale Premiere!

Anyone But Me‘s Second Season finale begins right now. Are you ready? Let’s get ready!

Here’s what’s happened since Season One: We did a photoshoot with Anyone But Me co-stars Nicole Pacent & Rachael Hip Flores. Nicole Pacent hosted a benefit for cancer called “Relief Through Rock”!,, Rachael Hip-Flores won a Streamy Award for Best Female Actor in a Drama Web Series (one of four Streamy Award nominations), ABM snagged the Audience Choice Award at the American Soap Awards and was nominated for four SoapWorld awards.

Anyhow, this year Anyone But Me hosted a launch party, we went to it and we drank quite a bit and loved every minute! To top off an excellent year of excellency, Nicole Pacent & Rachael Hip-Flores, the cutie couple at Anyone But Me‘s front & center, snagged Critters of the Year for the Autostraddle Icons of 2009.

[Also, hey, do you remember when we interviewed Susan Miller, the c0-writer of “Anyone But Me”? That was like one of our first interviews ever. Oh, when we were all so young and full of hope and had good credit scores. That was during Season One but whatever moving on.]

Then, the show happened: Episode 201 “The Real Thing”, 202: Quickly to the Exits, 203: Identity Crisis, 204: Girl Talk, (in which Liza Weil aka Paris from Gilmore Girls starts her role on the show at Aster’s new therapist), 205: One Step Forward, One Step Back, Episode 206: The Things We Know, 207: Date Night, 208, Naming Things (in which Vivian comes out to her aunt and Aster is weirded out that Sophie inspired her to do it) and Episode 209: Private Rooms & Public Spaces (in which Jodi flips about Vivian coming out, and Aster & Vivian get a sneak-preview of their big bright future when Aster takes Vivian to therapy and Aster’s therapist turns out to be ready to pop out that baby. A LESBIAN BABY ’cause Aster’s therapist is obvs a total lezathon. I had a lesbian therapist once but she always used gender neutral pronouns whenever speaking about her partners and I always used boyfriends when speaking about myself, so there you go.)

Then, in June, Nicole Pacent (Aster) became Miss June of the Autostraddle Calendar Girls, which was pretty exciting. Kinda intense honestly. Oh hey speaking of



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  1. WTF. These episodes need to be 832897X longer. Totally sad about Vivian and Aster, but if they don’t get back together, maybe Sophie and Vivian will be a good couple.

    I will admit though, if Nicole gets less screen time I’m going to miss her low cut shirts. :[

  2. WHAT.THE.FUCK?! Okay, to be fair, I’ve only seen the webisodes featured on Autostraddle, but still…there are so many possibilities. Vivian could totally rebound with that guy who “isn’t giving up”. Now who on this website would really want to watch that???

  3. I laughed at the end of this episode! I mean, maybe I’m a little cold inside, or perhaps just naive, but who does that? Really?! Ahaha, it was just so ridiculous. Good show though. I guess for whatever reason I just haven’t invested in these characters, so I get to laugh at these things.

    • i totally laughed as well. and i paused it as i was, and it paused while new dykey chick was pulling the funniest face.
      fuck i love it. its so good just to have fresh leso drama lword-esque (but younger) to watch

  4. um ok, i love aster/vivian obvi to death but did anyone else think that last scene was the hottest scene yet? i know in the back of my head i know both actresses are queer so that adds to the awesome, but also, regardless, right? anyone? hot?

  5. My internetz is extremely moody today, but the first 35 seconds were very entertaining.

    However, I read all the comments (because what some people call spoilers I call enhancers!) and remain undetermined. I’m on Team Everyone/Happiness! *single tear*

  6. that last kiss was the hottest thing I’ve seen on this show thus far. And that token lesbian/young hipster gal was amazing. The end where she zipped her pants? hilarious. Aster and Lesbian with No Name=OTP.

  7. Kind of disappointed with how extremely predictable everything in this ep was.

    Initially I was apprehensive about the impending Aster/Vivian breakup…but now I’m thinking it paves the way for series 3 to be solely about Aster mending her broken heart by sleeping with a different hot lesbian every episode.

  8. Aster/hipster lesbian gal’s kiss = totally hot.
    The undone pants = hot damn
    Vivian/Sophie’s kiss = not hot, but = my ‘Holy Shit I’m Gay’ kiss that I shared with a girl I played softball with.

    All in all, I’m Team Vivian/Aster, but if things that happen like that final scene, I may be able to may change teams.

    • Haha, yeah, while Viv and Sophie’s kiss might not have been *hot* like Aster/Token, I LOVED Sophie’s reaction/face after. It was like, ‘hm, I did that and I’m not apologizing and I think I liked it and so, yeah, I’m just going to stand here with my arms crossed and process a bit’…

  9. GUYS, whereee the fuck is your alejandro analysis with stills that I can steal and use as my facebook profile picture??
    Shit, I should totally be writing my finals papers… But I’m on my fourth viewing of the alejandro video. it’s epic.

  10. The ending was kind of ridiculous, but its high school and high school is beyond ridiculous. Back in the day it was not uncommon to talk about all the babies you were gonna have with someone and feel ultimate betrayal by said person that same day. I’ve had those things happen over the span of a pep rally.

    Also, to state the obvious…Nicole Pacent’s breasts looked in that outfit? Bravo.

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