Also.Also.Also: You’re Probably Possessed By a Ghost, It’s Fine

Ah yes indeed, a Monday, just what I was looking for!

Queer as in F*ck You

Who’s Afraid of the Lesbian Haunted House?

As Queer Women’s Spaces Fight For Survival, New Documentary Finds Some That Thrive

Uganda Arrested 16 LGBTQ Activists. Here’s Where Else Gay Rights Are a Battleground in the World.

LGBTQ+ Rights Are Changing Across Africa. But It’s a Thorny Process

The Greatest Women’s Sporting Achievements So Far in 2019

Influencers in Love: How An Instagram Couple Balances Social Media and Reality

A quick lil’ bit of spookyish fiction from Malinda Lo: The Cure

Also: Completely Legitimate, Rational and Not at All Offensive Study Says 85% of Queer People Are Possessed by Ghosts

The Irony of the Terf War Over “Feminine” Products

Amber Heard: SCOTUS Workplace Discrimination Cases Threaten All LGBTQ+ People

Instagram Rejects a PrEP Awareness Campaign; Claims It Contains ‘Politics’

“Dykes With Drills” Is Building Inclusivity Into the Construction Industry

We Are Natural: California Farmers Reimagine the World Through Queer Ecology

Saw This, Thought of You

The Women of RAICES Are Giving Immigrants a Voice

Thar Be Witches, and Us

Keeping Bar: How to Step Up Your Nonalcoholic Drinks

Support The Prisoner’s Apothecary: “A plant-based, travelling apothecary designed by prisoners that helps us rethink America’s reliance on punishment and control.”

What’s Left of Condé Nast

This Is a Worst-Possible Wildfire Scenario for Southern California

Political Snacks

It’s Disability Employment Awareness Month. Here’s What Voters Need to Know.

Liberal Feminism Has a Sex Work Problem

Why Donald Trump — and Other Powerful Men — Love to Cast Themselves As Victims

Chile’s People Have Had Enough

Claudia López: Colombia’s Capital Elects Gay Woman As Mayor

Katie Hill Vows to Fight Revenge Porn After Exiting Congress Amid Probe of Alleged Affair With Aide

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