Also.Also.Also: Your Vibe About Gaby Hoffmann Was Correct and Other Stories from the Week

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Queer as in F*ck You

+ A few things you need to know about Gaby Hoffmann: she didn’t realize how big of a deal Now and Then was to a generation of queer women, that’s A. B, she’s still very attracted to women. THAT’S RIGHT, KID. Your Gaby Hoffmann vibe was correct. I hope you’re feeling very proud of yourself right now. Transparent Star Gaby Hoffmann Is Battling The Binary.

Did you have a similar period of experimentation?

Oh, yeah. When I was a teenager, the first week I had sex with a guy, I also had sex with a girl. I’ve never really had a relationship with a woman, but I’ve certainly had lots of fun sexual dalliances with women. I grew up in New York City in the ’80s, so I never saw the big deal with that fluidity. I was like, “Sure, sex with you, sex with you…” I’ve basically been married for 11 years now—we’re not married, but we have a child—so those times feel long ago. But I’m still very attracted to women.

+ Why Is Youtube Demonetizing LGBTQ Videos?

+ Lena Waithe: There Are More Donald Glovers, Sterling K. Browns, and Lena Waithes Out There.

+ Did you miss Kristin Getting in Bed with Tegan Quin?? There’s still time to catch the video on our Facebook page!

+ ACLU Sues Michigan For Allowing Anti-LGBT Adoption Discrimination.


+ ‘I’ve Always Queered That Normative Space’: A Q&A With Rhea Butcher and Cameron Esposito.

+ Too Queer? “How internalized homophobia has impacted my wardrobe.” This is really honest and good.

I want to try on vests and overalls, blazers and combat boots. And maybe a bit of flannel. I want these things not necessarily because I want to personally validate my queerness, but because they look cool.

But then the worry sets in. What would it feel like to walk around campus knowing that every single person who’s laid eyes on me has immediately pegged me as queer? What would it feel like to not be able to hide a part of my identity that I’m still at least a little bit ashamed of?

+ Arizona Supreme Court Decision: A Reminder That the Marriage Equality Battle Isn’t Over.

+ Meet Muna, the Queer L.A. Pop Trio Now on Tour With Harry Styles.

+ San Francisco’s Coolest Ride: Homobiles Offer Safe Rides for the Queer Community.

+ ‘Queer Survival Quest’ Aims to Inspire Change. COOL AND IMPORTANT.

+ Transgender Veterans Build a Community in Kansas.

+ Not a Single Philippines Representative Voted Against Bill Aimed at Preventing LGBTQ Discrimination.

+ New Study Finds That LGBTQ Youths and Youths With Disabilities Suffer Most Under Solitary Confinement.

+ Stop Expecting Black Children to Grow Up Straight and Cisgender.

+ Gender-Fluid Artists Come Out of the Grey Zone.

+ Support this book! Mey Rude and Laura Mandanas are contributors! Becoming Dangerous: A Book About Ritual and Resistance. “Twenty personal essays from witchy femmes, queer conjurers, and magical rebels on summoning the power to resist.”

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Obama-Era School Sexual Assault Policy Rescinded.

+ California Attorney General Sues Trump Administration Over Border Wall Construction.

+ How Will Medicaid Cuts Affect Health Care for Native Americans?

+ Immigration Agents Breaking Protocol During Courthouse Arrests in Denver.

+ Facebook’s Frankenstein Moment.

+ The GOP’s Identity Crisis Has Overtaken Arizona’s Senate Race.

+ How the Rest of the World Heard Trump’s UN Speech that idiot motherfucker.

Doll Parts

+ What If Clothes Were Made to Fit Bodies?

+ Product Review: When Every Bra Size Is Wrong by Mallory Ortberg.

Keep Up

+ New Aerial Photos Show Puerto Rico Devastation; At Least 6 Dead in Hurricane Maria Aftermath.

+ Still Fighting at Standing Rock.

+ White People Are Really Confident Things Are Getting Better for Black People.

+ Nat Turner, the Leader of a Virginia Slave Uprising, Will Be Honored on a New Emancipation Statue in Richmond.

+ Native People Discuss What To Do About Mt. Rushmore.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Can’t Get There From Here: The Struggle with Where the Sidewalks Won’t Go. This is a great piece.

Their only option was to roll down the streets until they found a ramp that would let Beckley get onto the sidewalk near her car.

Risking the wheelchair – or her own safety – was not a possibility.

+ Beware HGTV’s House-Flipping Loop.

+ How the Vietnam War Broke the American Presidency.

+ The Personal Essay Isn’t Dead, It’s Just No Longer White.

+ Does Happiness Really Make You Healthier? It Depends on Where You Live.

+ Um excuse me: Mysterious Apocalyptic Message Interrupts TV Broadcasts in California: ‘Violent Times Will Come’. ?

And Finally

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  1. Oof, that “Still Fighting at Standing Rock” piece. Especially this part:

    “The attorneys and legal workers who come here, we wake up every morning and put our bodies and spirits upon the gears, upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus of this colonial behemoth – the state violence and repression that is occurring yet again in order to deny indigenous people sovereignty over their own lands in the name of resource extraction.”

  2. A point or two to add about that sizing piece is that in 1939 measuring a woman’s inseam was considered indelicate and would be for many years which is one of reason women’s pants are so whack.
    The other is that the measurements that were taken to develop a sizing system centered around 3 things in regards to fit.
    Bust, natural waistline, and hips.
    Probably in some ratio that was an aesthetic ideal at the time.
    Not sure what it was in 1939 but in the golden age of foundation garments the waist to hip ratio was a 10 inch difference.

    Which I guess is another reason fashion is still designed with the idea of our bodies complying to the clothes rather that the clothes to us.
    For a very long time with brief breaks in history a woman’s shape was forced to comply to particular silhouette by her undergarments.

  3. oh that article from the Harvard newspaper is good!
    “I am queer, so there’s no such thing as me seeming ‘too queer.’ In the same way, I am black, so there’s no such thing as me seeming ‘too black.’”

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