Also.Also.Also: Your Queer Census Data Will Just Go Uncollected and Other Stories to Make You Stare Off Into Space

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Everything’s cool, man. Everything’s fine.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ The American College of Pediatricians Is an Anti-LGBT Group and Psychology Today wants to make sure you know about it.

+ A Q&A With Jose Antonio Vargas on His Film Festival, ‘An Act of Cultural Intervention’.

+ Trans Youth of North Carolina.

+ The Census Won’t Collect LGBT Data. That’s a Problem.

+ The Handmaid’s Tale and the History and Future of Queer Oppression.

+ Bisexual College Athlete Leaves Legacy of Leadership in Indiana.

+ Pregnant Lesbian Couples Sue Tennessee Governor Over Natural Language Law.

+ As a Queer Catholic, ‘Religious Freedom’ Measures Are Baffling.

+ The Lesbian Avengers 25 Years Later: “We Did It, And We’ll Do It Again”.

+ Queer Horror Is Having a Moment Right Now.

+ Jury: University of Iowa Discriminated Against Lesbian Athletics Official.

+ Enjoy this cool video of Dez Marshal, a queer barber working in Brooklyn!

+ These Beautiful Photos Highlight the Diversity of the Lesbian Community.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Trump is Planning an Executive Order to Bolster His Bogus Voter Fraud Claims.

+ Days Before Firing, Comey Asked for More Resources for Russia Inquiry.

+ A Reporter Was Arrested for Asking Trump Officials a Question.

+ I’ve read this at least seven times and it only gets better. After Trump Fired Comey, White House Staff Scrambled to Explain Why.

+ There’s No One to Hold Donald Trump Accountable.

+ How We Would Cover Comey’s Firing If It Happened In Another Country.

Doll Parts

+ Listen, this really bummed me out. Get yourself in a good headspace before you read 7 Things You Don’t Know About Mother’s Day’s Dark History.

+ These Women Figured Out a Way to Map and Find Girls at Risk of FGM.

+ Fat Girls Deserve Fairy Tales, Too: The Rejection of Tropes in This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare.

+ Mothers in US and Mexico Unite Across the Border.

+ This Mother’s Day, Black Lives Matter Activists Will Give More Than 30 Women Their Freedom.

Keep Up

+ Workers Fear Radiation Exposure After Nuclear Waste Storage Tunnels Collapse in Washington.

+ Turning Away From Street Protests, Black Lives Matter Tries a New Tactic in the Age of Trump.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Beyond Brownies: The Science of Cooking With Cannabis.

+ Calling My Representative Wasn’t Enough, So I Fucked His Wife.

+ A recipe for Cacio e Pepe that I made last week.

+ Is An Open Marriage a Happier Marriage? “I cannot believe this is about 25 straight couples lol.” —Audrey, Autostraddle Staff Writer.

And Finally

GoPro in a Bucket Gives Charming Glimpse Into Drinking Animals. I could watch six hours of this.

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    • That headline reminded me of “Equal Rights, Equal Lefts” by Otep

      “I’ve seen more spine in jellyfish
      That’s in the vertebrae
      Google that
      I’ve been in the shadows long enough
      I got nothing to lose
      So I’m playing rough
      So humdrum, so dumb
      You picked a fight
      With the wrong one
      You brought a butter knife
      To a tank fight
      I’ll put you on blast
      And fucked your wife
      Weapon system’s activated
      Your ego’s been deflated
      Oh, so dumb you need a ventilator
      She seems so sweet
      I had to taste her
      Let’s get one thing straight
      I’m not
      Sex is an art
      I’m a biscard
      Love is love
      It can’t be stopped
      So go fuck yourself
      ‘Cause it’s all you got
      Go fuck yourself
      ‘Cause it’s all you got”

  1. Re: livestream of adorable animals – if any of you have Roku, I have just discovered that the CW app has a LIVE PUPPYCAM featuring a beautiful black lab and her litter of adorable puppies. It is quite literally just a livestream of mommy and her babies napping and playing and snuggling and playing and snuggling and playing and napping. I found it Monday and I’ve been obsessed ever since.

  2. Euuuugghhh….thank you Laneia for continuing to collate all this for us, even when it’s literal Hellmouth times. You are a trooper <3

    That bucket thing is the best thing I've seen all week though :)

  3. The NYT piece on open marriages is actually a super long profile on just one couple, with a smaller section on a M-M-F cohabiting couple(throuple?) at the end. The author does say she interviewed/encountered 25 couples but I honestly have no idea what she’s done with that data because they don’t all appear in the photos nor do they appear in the actual article except where she sometimes says ‘one couple said xyz’.

    It really doesn’t touch on queerness, though one couple in the photos appears to be a gay male couple and the author does briefly touch on the question of whether queer male culture is more accepting of (or naturally inclined to) open relationships than straight culture. I feel like calling it an article on 25 straight couples might just cause people to pass altogether even if they’re interesting in reading about non-monogamy! But fair enough, it is a very long article with little to no queerness, just wanted to give it a fair shout ;)

    • The article states that of the 25 relationships, in 19 of them the opening of the relationship was initiated by the woman and in 6 of them it was initiated by the man, implying that all the primary couples were/are A Man and A Woman.

      Also it was a joke :)

      • No, I know it was a joke! apologies if it came out wrong. I’m actually just surprised she speaks about spending a year interviewing/getting to know 25 different couples and the article itself is a really in depth profile about only one of them. And I still think that Logan and Robert are a married male couple and that was the only time she touched on a queer couple (granted, a male/male queer couple), but I could be wrong!

        I would be interested to see the rest, and the photos done by Holly Andres as it sounds like they spent a lot of time interviewing and photographing the couples but only about 6 of them actually show up – if I’m just missing it and/or someone else knows where to find the photoshoot do let me know :)

  4. Oh also, I found that Mother’s Day article interesting because I didn’t know anything about the history of Mother’s Day in the US or why it was celebrated on a different day in the UK

    In case anyone is interested:
    In the UK it used to be “Mothering Sunday” and it was usually the day that domestic servants were given off to return to their mother church on the 4th Sunday of Lent, and since all the family would be attending their mother church that day there would be an inevitable family reunion.

  5. First time commenting on Autostraddle. I’m Palestinian, queer and an avid reader of AS. I was disappointed to see the article about bisexual pride in Tel Aviv posted without comment on Israel’s ongoing violence towards Palestinians. Given Israel’s ongoing illegal occupation of Palestinian lands (not to mention illegal settlements, extrajudicial killings, home demolitions and racism), there is no such thing as a neutral posting of such an article. Israel’s promotion abroad of LGBTQ rights is one of the ways in which the state seeks to silence and suppress criticism of its atrocious human rights records against the indigenous population (Palestinians). Broadly, this is referred to as ‘pinkwashing’ and many Jewish and Israeli queers have also stood in solidarity with Palestinians to oppose it. For a good primer, check out

    • Hi Mela! Thank you for taking the time to comment! I apologize for not providing context for that story. Including it wasn’t meant to be an endorsement and I’m sorry the lack of context made it seem that way. And thank you so much for sharing this resource! I really appreciate it. The link has been removed!

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