Also.Also.Also: You Need This Donkey Cam and Other Stories We Missed

Let’s have some cinnamon toast and talk about our feelings. I’m feeling like donkeys are the clear winner in this post, but you should feel free (eh??) to choose your own winner.

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Give to the webseries OUTrageous! It’s interactive and made with whole grains.

+ Be part of or signal boost The Passionate Female Fans Project!

I have always been very enthusiastic with all of my interests at every stage in my life. And I too have experienced reactions from men who have not taken me seriously, have not believed me and have not included me in their circles. It’s a crappy feeling to constantly feel like you have to prove your worth, that you are just as knowledgeable as the greasy male nerd next to you.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Mormon and Lesbian Activist Sisters Set Example of Tolerance. Interesting.

+ Rights Bill Sought for LGBT Americans

+ Australia’s First Minister for Equality to Reform Gay Adoption Laws

Doll Parts

+ Tracee Ellis Ross Talks About the Importance of Seeing Natural Hair on TV

I’m very conscious of how I wear my hair on the show, and yet it’s the way I wear my hair as Tracee. You hire me, you hire my hair and you hire my ass. It’s all coming with me.

+ The 39 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2014.

+ You Can Vote For Lego to Make More Female Scientists.

+ Why “Fix” Tiger Lily? Why Can’t We Just Let Her Go? by Dr. Adrienne King.

We need to let it go, and fight to cut the Native peoples out entirely.

Those who may have followed my writings on Tonto and Disney’s 2013 Lone Ranger film might see this as a marked switch from my attitude at the beginning of that journey. I argued, very strongly, that Disney should have cast a Native in the role of Tonto, that Comanche advisors and other Native peoples should have been involved much earlier in the process to shape and develop portrayals of Native peoples on the screen.

After watching that long saga unfold, I have a different opinion. I don’t want Native peoples to be forced into a role of trying to put band-aids on a gaping wound of racism. I want Hollywood to stop resurrecting these racist characters.

+ Feministing has a #FollowFriday list of Anti-Carceral Feminists, Vol 1.

+ Bitch is doing Bitch In A Box gift guides and here’s one for young feminists!

+ Women Butchers Are Slicing Through the Meat World’s Glass Ceiling! Meat world! Just imagine a meat world. So bloody.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Long History of White Innocence and Presumed Black Guilt by Claudia Garcia-Rojas.

+ Love this on Brain Pickings — Pen & Ink: An Illustrated Collection of Unusual, Deeply Human Stories Behind People’s Tattoos.

+ Important: Wash down Doritos with Lambrusco: 5 wine pairings for junk food.

+ Oh did you want some decadent hot chocolate mix you can make yourself? Because Smitten Kitchen has you covered.

get in my mouth

get in my mouth

+ Man With Gender Studies Degree Terrorizes Party.

+ Beer map. How many beer maps will be made before we’re finally satisfied with the beer maps? What if that day never comes?

+ A piece on raising an atheist child because it’s the holidays and I was like, “What’s more holidays than atheist children?” and the answer was “Not much, bitch. Not much.”

+ IT’S A DONKEY CAM. DONKEY CAM. DONKEY. Donkey’s name’s Waffle. Donkey named Waffle. On a camera. On a cam. Donkey cam. For Donkey Week on Modern Farmer. Go ahead and get the FUCK on board with that.

Local Autostraddle Meet-Ups

Click here to find a holigay meetup near you, or register your own #happyholigays event!

Click here to find a holigay meetup near you, or register your own #happyholigays event!

+ 12/10 Jacksonville, FL: Local Art, Food, and Booze Holigay Meetup
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+ 12/14 Philadelphia, PA: Queer Brunch and Holigay Card Making
+ 12/14 NYC, NY: Plaid Sunday Holigay Party

And Finally

UGH buy this for me please.

I’m serious.

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