Also.Also.Also: You Are the Special People and Other Stories for Your Week

Hello happy new week! May your Monday be as ass-kicking and magical as your favorite birthday party.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ There’ still time!! Be Part of Autostraddle’s Queer in the Bedroom Gallery!

Here’s Simone! Be like Simone and send me your picture!

+ Family Values: Mapping the Spread of Anti-Gay Ideology.

+ Christine and the Queens!

+ Trans Musician Sidney Chase Talks Bathroom Bills, Visibility and Her White House Performance.

+ Amazing in the worst kind of way: Police Called After Passenger Felt “Uncomfortable” Sitting Next To Mykki Blanco On Plane.

+ Asia Kate Dillon is Blazing a Trail for Gender Non-Conforming Actors.

+ Lesbian Plaintiff in Roe v. Wade Dies at 69.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Leaked Trump Tape: “You are the special people.” Everything’s fine and normal.

+ ICE Detained Undocumented Trans Woman When She Sought Domestic Abuse Protection.

+ Just didn’t want you to feel alone in this sentiment: I Don’t Want to Hear Another Fucking Word About John McCain Unless He Dies or Does Something Useful for a Change.

+ Scott Pruitt Deserves as Much Outrage as Betsy DeVos.

+ The Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ in Red States.

+ In 77 Chaotic Minutes, Trump Defends ‘Fine-Tuned Machine’.

+ Everybody’s like, super polarized and stuff.

+ Japan’s Interpreters Struggling to Make Sense of “Trumpese”.

Doll Parts

+ A Conversation and Constellation for Sandra Bland.

+ Two Studies Bring Bad News About Cervical Cancer Deaths and HPV—So What Can We Do?.

+ Negotiating Safety: Healing Through a Contact Support.

+ Suburban Gothic, or Being a White Passing Person of Color in a Rich, White Town.

+ I don’t know what to tell you except that you will never be the same after this:

Keep Up

+ Why White America Demonizes the Black Lives Matter Movement.

+ The Obamacare Provision That Saved Millions From Bankruptcy.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Weird Life Found Trapped in Giant Underground Crystals.

And Finally

Palate cleanse.

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  1. <3 That spy in the wild PBS show! I crack up every time the narrator refers to the spy creature/log. Tangentially related to monkeys, I heard the term 'monkey shines' yesterday and this slasher flick from 1988 popped up in my search; I really want someone who likes scary movies to watch this and tell me if it's truly scary or just funny (and that no animals were harmed during the filming) b/c the monkey puppet holding a straight razor on the poster gives me life.

  2. Are we going to talk about the episode of Bill Maher that happened over the weekend? Larry Willmore and former US Counter Intelligence officer(also a poc), defended trans women against Milo and Bill. It was mostly Larry who did the defending, and I saw many twoc on my feeds the next day thanking Larry for defending our community And Milo had the galls say he’s a gay Jew, dating a black guy so his criticism is okay. It also turns out Milo was dis-invited from a Conservative convention, which he got the invite in the first place for being a self-hating gay. Their reason was they found a podcast(?) where he was like defending pedophilia last year. Ugh, as Larry put it, Fuck you Milo, and Fuck you Bill.

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