Also.Also.Also: Wow So Taking Women’s Health Seriously Leads to Winning the World Cup

Hey look at this drink recipe Rachel found for you! She just loves you!

Queer as in F*ck You

Well this is honestly pretty disturbing and fucked up and ruined my day: LGBT People More Likely Than Counterparts to Report Memory Problems, Survey Finds

Vidcon Apologises After Miles McKenna Left Devastated for Being Deadnamed on LGBT Panel

Washington LGBTQ Swimming Club Breaks World Records at Meet

Queer Redditor Praises Her Gay Grandmothers, Together 42 Years: ‘Their Relationship Is So Sweet’ 😭

Queer Women Don’t Feel Safe So I’ve Created a London Nightclub Just for Us

Poppy Liu is Queer and Asian — Get Used to It! OK!

Al(aina) had this in their Funday but I want to make sure you don’t miss it because it’s fucking beautiful: Navajo Nation’s LGBTQ Pride Event Celebrates a Return to the Culture’s History

Dear Internet: The Little Mermaid Also Happens to Be Queer Allegory by Gabrielle Bellot.

Janelle Monáe’s Ready to Burn Sh*t Down. Wow same.

Saw This, Thought of You

Today in *Extremely My Shit*: Ending Period ‘Taboo’ Gave USA Marginal Gain at World Cup

A Female Historian Wrote a Book. “Two male historians went on NPR to talk about it. They never mentioned her name. It’s Sarah Milov.”

Long Live Cafeteria, Chelsea’s Eccentric 24/7 Time Capsule of the Early Aughts by Kayla Upadhyaya YOU KNOW HER.

It’s the End of the World as They Know It: “The distinct burden of being a climate scientist.” Yikes.

What to Do If You Encounter a Bison. Again I stress that I have no idea what you do with your free time.

Soda, Tea, Herbs and Shrubs: Alcohol Optional Beverages for Summer Get-Togethers


Political Snacks

How Decriminalizing Sex Work Became a 2020 Campaign Issue

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  1. Okay but also re: the bison, if you are not a North American, and you like hiking in North America, what you really need to stay the fuck away from are moose. They are enormous, territorial loners and they will gore you/destroy your car and also your body.
    I know they’re hilarious/adorable herbivores, but seriously, if you’re close enough to take a selfie with one in the background, get the fuck outta there.

    Looking at you, German/Swiss/Austrian tourists who keep showing me moose photos.

  2. Ok a of all, I’d assumed elite athletes had teams of doctors who were taking their menstrual cycles seriously for decades now, I am SHOCKED they have not

    Secondly, that memory thing is a trip, I have a terrible memory as an adult and am excited for the vindication, although less so for the possible eventual dementia

  3. 7th grade we took 3-night class field trip to Catalina Island off the coast of LA county. There early-is in the morning around breakfast time a couple of us ran into a buffalo at the cabin site. Counselors told us to not to pet the buffalo as it could charge at us at any minute. These things are really big.

  4. That Bob Ross mini-doco was really charming. And if Sarah the Executive Assistant is not in a monogamous relationship, and is intending to visit Australia, and would like a tour guide, I’d be happy to volunteer. Heh.

  5. They say pre-menstrual and menstrual phases have lower hormones(1) and that has negative impact on performance. Sounds to me like menstrual cycle hormones increase performance. Performance doesn’t suffer when they’re low, you just lose the gains of those higher hormones.

    Is that why men’s soccer is so boring? Because they don’t have the performance gains from higher hormones that many women players have during early phases of their cycles?

    (1) “the pre-menstrual and during-menstruation phase are the worst – when hormones decline and are at their lowest level”

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