Also.Also.Also: WNBA’s Stefanie Dolson Is Out and Other Stories of Wonder

Hey name three good things that you did this week READY GO:

1. I moved my favorite red table lamp upstairs to my bedside bookcase and damn, that was such a good idea.

2. I finally finished and unpassword-protected my freaking squarespace website that I made way back when we printed the first Better Together zine (so that I could put it by name on the contributors page) ! Y’all it’s the little things.

3. I’m making pizzas tonight! Yesterday I roasted garlic and a red pepper in anticipation of this blessed meal. This is the crust I’ve been using lately. I might pass out from excitement.

I hope you have a lovely fucking weekend!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Give to this Fundraiser for The Coalition Zine! Do it!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Stefanie Dolson Opens Up About Being an LGBT Athlete and it’s really fucking lovely.

I don’t think people necessarily need to announce their sexuality. In my current relationship, I made the decision to be publicly out by posting the cutest photo of us from a weekend we spent together. She is kissing my cheek, and it’s just so obvious how happy we are. Before posting, I thought about what people might say because this photo made it clear that we’re together, but then I realized that the reactions of others didn’t matter to me. I wanted people who are fans and supporters to know who I really am.

+ Before Stonewall: The Raucous Trans Riot That History Nearly Forgot.

+ Forgiving the Future. Read this.

+ For those of you interested in hearing the word “Autostraddle” said on CBC Radio (me): Lesbian Deaths on TV: They’re Dropping Like Flies.

+ All-Gender Bathroom Bill Breezes Through California Legislature.

+ What I Have Learned As a Queer Survivor of Unhealthy Relationships.

+ Six of the Safest Spaces for LGBT Youth to Hang Online.

+ LGBT Bullying is the “Great Unspoken Issue” in Irish Schools.

+ Queer + Young + Homeless = Screwed.

+ How Robyn Exton Grew Popular Lesbian Dating App, Her.

+ Hey do you want to watch this trailer for Into the Woods, starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood Bisexual? Yes you do. The movie isn’t queer, but, you know. They are. So.

Doll Parts

+ Why Does the Media Keep Giving Abusive Men Platforms for Redemption?

+ Oh and Howard Stern, Donald Trump, My Dad: Lessons in How Men Talk About Women, which is tagged HOW TO RAISE A MISANDRIST which is the title of my memoir, thank you The Cut.

+ Self-Care to Self-Loathing and Back Again.

+ True Erotic Crime Story: A Notorious Sex Temple and Its Ruling Pimp Priestess. Well do not miss this one, whatever you do.

+ Foul Play: How Colleges Screw Over Female Coaches.

+ Women in China Take Sex-Ed Into Their Own Hands and Phones.

+ Inside ‘Superstar Machine’ Which Ex-Members Say is Cult Preying on New York’s Creative Women.

+ How Long-Acting Birth Control Can Help End Poverty.

+ New Tumblr Calls Attention to “Headless Women” Film TV Marketing.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Yes: Poor People Deserve to Taste Something Other Than Shame. Yes yes yes.

+ Showrunner Roundtable: 12 A-List Writers Dish About Lesbian Weddings, Race and Why “Black People Don’t Get to Write for White People”.

+ How to Make Yourself Forget a Bad Memory.



+ The Hidden Messages of Colonial Handwriting.

+ A very important video featuring Ten and a Half Minutes of Double Dare Prizes.

And Finally

Y’ALL. 11 Miniature Mischief Makers From World Folklore!

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  1. Three good things I did this week:

    1. Finally hung up all my clothes, reorganized my dresser drawers and donated a TON of clothes I don’t wear anymore to a local “solidarity not charity” thrift store.

    2. Took a bubble bath while listening to all of Sufjan Steven’s Carrie & Lowell album (and only cried once!)

    3. Went to therapy even though I was literally sitting in the parking lot trying to craft a “sorry I can’t make it” text.

    Damn. Listing your good things feels really great! I should do this more often. Tell me your good things!!

    • YAAAASSSS! YAY YOU! Those are AWESOME things! Three things I did this week:

      1. I paid my vehicle registration online for the DMV. It was easy, but I’d been putting it off and stressing about it. But now it’s done!

      2. I made plans and hung out with a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time! It was great!

      3. I’m actually eating a healthy breakfast this morning!

      Yay! Go us!

  2. Y’all hear about the OKC leak? Some sort of “researcher” (who published in his own vanity journal) released profile data on 70k OKCupid users without permission. Usernames were included, no attempt to keep it anonymous, and the only reason the researcher didn’t include photos was because it took up too much space.

    I hope no one in the closet was inadvertently outed this way.

  3. 1) I think I waas make a friend/internet pal with a Straddle who lives up the coast in Vancouver. Works great cause I want to make more straddler friends from all over.

    2) If Saturday counts as part of this week, then I went to a Mexican gay bar solo and sat there alone waiting for a straddler event that never happened to start.

    3) I’m still not giving up hope that I will be gendered correctly.

    Speaking of which, that’s excellent news for me that California is attempting to make all single stall bathrooms gender neutral. Cause it never made sense to me why single stalls(well really all bathrooms) are gendered.

  4. Speaking of cute athletes, I was looking at Ashlyn Harris’ instagram today and for a minute, I thought she had come out or was at least being very excitedly supportive of LGBT folks, but it just turns out she plays for a team called Orlando Pride.

    It wasn’t the first time and it definitely won’t be the last time that sports confuses the heck out of me.

    • I’m posting this as a response to you just because you’re in charge of things. Where did “doll parts” as a title come from? Seeing it right above the abuse thing made me think, “where on the doll did the bad man touch you.” Which I would guess is not the origin but made me curious.

        • indeed! you are correct about this. doll parts = hole song. it’s the same in every AAA, and the Doll Parts header is for the feminist/feminism-adjacent/woman stuff that doesn’t fit in the Queer As In F*ck You section bc they aren’t queer. that’s it!

  5. Argh two days late

    1. I drew a rough little comic based on something funny that happened in my A Camp cabins secret FB group (Lions) involving a misunderstanding regarding bears and food in cabins and I’m gonna redo it EVEN BETTER today or tomorrow

    (the dialogue needs to be redone)

    2. I bought a sketchbook! Finally

    3. I re-read the poem Brand New Ancients by Kate Tempest for like the 10th time and then returned it to the library before getting a late fee

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