Also.Also.Also: With Their Powers Combined, Queer Teens Are Fighting Climate Apocalypse

A season change! Just in time.

Queer as in F*ck You

One in Five Bisexual People Have Been Sexually Assaulted at Work, Study Finds

Tegan And Sara Find Pain — And Unexpected Joy — In ‘High School’. Please note that this is an interview with Terry Gross ya big NERDS.

When Lesbian Publishing Made It Big

Stonewall Founder Opposes Trans Rights, May Form Breakaway Group

Jacqueline Woodson Transformed Children’s Literature. Now She’s Writing for Herself.

Lilly Singh: From YouTube Star to Late-Night’s First Queer Woman of Color

Lesbian Couple Flees Iran, Finds Home in Columbus

Documentary Preserves Latina LGBTQ History In New Mexico

LGBT Muslim Festival: ‘We Don’t Just Have One Identity’

Queer Indians Tell Us How Much has Changed Since Gay Sex Was Decriminalised A Year Ago

Life, Love, Coming Out And Culture Shock In ‘Juliet Takes A Breath’

Black Trans Women Keep Being Murdered. So This New Yorker Decided to Do Something About It

Rice Band Spells ‘Pride’ at Halftime to Mock Baylor’s Anti-LGBTQ Policies

A Brief History of Trans Philosophy

PHOTOS: Drag Queens In South Africa Embrace Queerness And Tradition

Queer Teens Like Katie Eder Will Save Us From the Climate Catastrophe

At The Distillery Gallery, Artist Eli Brown Explores Biology And Gender In ‘Museum Of Queer Ecologies’

The One Where Friends Helped Keep Me in the Closet

‘Newfound Courage’: The Refreshing, Queer-Friendly Game We Needed

The Importance of Social Media When It Comes to LGBTQ Kids Feeling Seen

A Graphic Novel About A Transgender Southerner Of The Old West

Saw This, Thought of You

The Evolution of Bitch Media, As Told by Its EIC

‘How Many Stories Can You Write About Rape?’: 20 Years of Law & Order: SVU

For These Black Women in Texas, Rodeo Is a Way of Life

The “Cancel Culture” Con

Mariah Carey Plots ‘Merry Christmas’ 25th Anniversary Reissue. Seems important.

Two #MeToo Books Were Just Published. One Is Great. The Other Shows You What Not To Do.

Political Snacks

“You Have Stolen My Dreams”: Greta Thunberg Rages at World Leaders at Un Climate Summit

This Is Not the Sixth Extinction. It’s the First Extermination Event.

A little late in sharing this but nonetheless, The Silence Is the Loudest Sound: “The Indian government has confined about seven million Kashmiris to their homes and imposed a complete communications blackout.”

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  1. I enjoyed the Friends article, even though I know the show is problematic (but honestly a lot of shows are) I still watch and like it. I loved the way the author wrote about struggling with laughing with her friends while at the same time knowing it was wrong to be laughing at those jokes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The study that PinkNews article on bi people’s workplace harassment is based on is really interesting, but the writing is a bit misleading. Obviously, the rates are WAY too high regardless, but the study found that bi men are at an increased risk compared to gay men while bi women were at a slightly decreased risk compared to LGBT women as a whole, which is more than likely skewed by horrifically high rates of sexual assault for trans women (obviously some women are both trans and bi, but they didn’t study that group specifically). They didn’t study trans men or nonbinary people (some trans men were counted, but not enough to study trans men individually), but the biggest indicator of risk for workplace sexual assault among the LGBT community, other than being a trans woman or a woman in general, was found to be being non-white/POC and/or having a disability, not identifying as bi instead of gay. Wish the article had specifically directed people’s attention toward issues facing trans and non-white bi people, or bi people with disabilities, rather than just a broad, unclear statistic.

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