Also.Also.Also: Why Rain Dove Gave Asia Argento’s Texts To Police and Other Stories from Your Week

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Queer as in F*ck You

Rain Dove Breaks Silence On Asia Argento Scandal.

In a lengthy statement released Wednesday on Twitter, Dove stated: “I can confirm that the text messages are between Asia Argento and myself. When I reported them to police I remained silent socially because I didn’t wish to be part of the narrative or distract from the path to justice.”

The above is my official statement regarding the Asia Argento case. Before you read. I know many people are upset, confused, and angry right now. It wasn’t an easy thing emotionally to report to the police. I’ve met Asia’s kids, seen them during a process of mourning, and watched the admiration roll in from individuals inspired by the #MeToo movement. Knowing that much may be taken away from them in the name of revealing truth was gnawingly upsetting. But the truth is the key to justice. To healing. To solving. It needs to be free. I had hoped to keep my name out of the press and conversation for this incident and simply let the justice system take its course- and allow Jimmy to have the tools they were Being denied to speak their story. But too many people got hurt in the silence. So here it is. The truth. Friend. Blood relative. Acquaintance. Whatever- when it comes to a crime of which an individual has been assaulted and is a victim we can not have bias in doing what’s right. For those of You who are afraid to come forward I love You. I believe in your strength. Please don’t be silenced You could save a life. #EqualGround #lettruthlighttheway #asiaargento #jimmybennett #lovewins #lgbtq #memes #MeToo #weareone

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I Got Kicked Out Of A YMCA Locker Room — Twice — Because I’m Trans.

Delaware Democratic Senate Hopeful Kerri Evelyn Harris Is a Queer Woman of Color Who Wants Politicians With “Diversity of Experience”.

Appeals Court: Fair Housing Act Protects Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination.

Judge Declares Lesbian, 74, Legally Married to Recently Deceased Partner.

Losing Our Way: Congressional Attacks on LGBT Parents Hurt Foster Kids, Too.

Even in Defeat, Diana Taurasi Is Magic.

In TERF Takedown, Lesbians & Trans March Together at Manchester Pride.

Malaysia Postpones Caning of Lesbian Couple Due to ‘Technical Reasons’.

Saw This, Thought of You

Here Are 51 Comedians Who Never Forced Women to Watch Them Masturbate.

Louis C.K. and Men Who Think Justice Takes as Long as They Want It To.

20 Years of Serena Williams Style.

Existing “Is Enough to Piss People Off”: Women Talk About Harassment on the Campaign Trail.

Trump Has Changed How Teens View the News.

Colonialism and the Crisis Inside the Crisis of Catholic Sexual Abuse.

U.S. Is Denying Passports to Americans Along the Border, Throwing Their Citizenship Into Question.

Running While Female.

Louis C.K. Receives Standing Ovation at First Set Since Admitting Sexual Misconduct.

Does Revenge Work? Our Minds on Vengeance.

The ’90s Fashion of Netflix’s to All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Explained by Its Designer.

How to Make Any Home Feel Like a Palace (No Matter How Much Money You Have). Just reading this made me feel calm and more put-together.

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  1. I very much can relate to Branson about locker rooms and public restrooms. I rather use genderless facilities, but in situations where none is offered, I have to lie to myself and the world and use the wrong one. I rather not get kicked out of another facility(in a liberal area). It’s unfair that we are(trans and gnc people) are always put in this position. I hope Branson and others(I included) get the justice we deserve.

  2. “Teenagers, in particular, appear to be increasingly questioning the credibility and value of traditional media organizations.”

    Oh great, fantastic. *insert “everything’s fine” dog meme here*

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