Also.Also.Also: Where Have All the Gayborhoods Gone and Other Stories to Start Your Week

Well I didn’t like my weekend one bit! I hope yours was better. What do you do when your weekend was rubbish but you still have to pull yourself together in order to have a productive week? Right now I’m stuck on “staring at the wall” and it’s really not helping.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ In very fucking sad and horrific news, a transgender woman, Veronica Banks Cano, has been found dead inside a motel room.

+ Here’s Ariel Gore interviewing Gabby Rivera about Juliet Takes a Breath for Psychology Today: The Power of Seeing Ourselves in Literature.

+ And because you probably can’t get enough Ariel Gore, Now That Lesbians Can Marry, Can We Admit They Have Sex?

+ Death of the Gayborhood: Queer Aging in the Time of Gentrification by Chelsea Grimmer.

+ Google is inviting you to share your place of Pride this Fair Day, so that is something you can do if you want.

+ Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women Speak Out in Kenya.

Doll Parts

+ Do you need a place to put your Kesha feelings? Because we sure did on Friday. Here are two good pieces: How We Failed to Protect Kesha by Madeleine Davies and Sorry But There’s No Way to Avoid Talking About Kesha at This Point. As the Stranger piece bluntly puts it:

You don’t have to have a single opinion about the pop singer Kesha’s music/persona/image/career, etc. to feel enraged by a headline like the one above, or to be stopped in your tracks by the photo that accompanied it from the NY Daily News report Friday.

+ 50 Years of Women’s Lib in Britain: A History Lesson by Christobel Hastings.

+ Would you like to listen to a selection of Black Alternative music? Well you can!

+ This was beautiful and sad, you should read it: Lessons I Learned From My Drunken Mother by Allison Maloney.

+ Amber Rose Explains Consent to Two Grown-Ass Men on TV.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Ijeoma Oluo and When We Talk About Cultural Appropriation, We’re Missing the Point.

+ You’re Sad Because Your Ancestors Fucked Cavemen, sorry.

+ The Myth of 50/50: Chronic Illness and New Ways to Think About Reciprocity in Relationships.

+ Some thoughts on grocery store design and the evil of shopping carts.

+ Don’t Worry, I Checked My Privilege. This will make you laugh good-naturedly and then throw things across the room, maybe even at the same time?

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  1. @green Sorry to hear your weekend was no good. I spent my weekend coaching a championship swim meet and dealing with very happy/disappointed/excited/frustrated/having meltdown kids, so yeah. It wasn’t the worst, but not exactly a weekend.
    I hope the piece of the wall you’re staring at is very interesting and that your week gets off to a better start! Sometimes when I feel like all I’m motivated to do is stare at a wall, I try staring at the floorboards/tiles/other things with random patterns and tracing new lines in them, finding interesting patterns. Or just going outside for a moment.
    And always, thanks for this roundup, I’m stoked to check out many of the links.
    Good luck with your Monday!

  2. Thank you for sharing that great interview with Gabby :D I just started the book and HOLY CRAP. I keep wanting to reach for pen and paper to note all the wonderful words. It’s just so beautifully written :D. And it has so much truth.

    • Also: Yeah that piece on male privilege didn’t make me laugh at all. I hate pieces like this that exaggerate the issue so much that it allows other men to say “well yeah I can clearly see how that would be privilege, but this is totally not my experience! I don’t slurp oysters loudly in meetings!”. It’s pretending to explore your own privilege without exploring it AT ALL.

  3. Laneia I hope your week is much better than your weekend. Also don’t you love the way Brits sometimes say or write “week-end,” which totally re-emphasizes the end of the work week while also making the end part this separate, celebratory thing that is not part of the week? I hope next week-end is more like that.

  4. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss Kesha. I was so disappointed that her court case didn’t go the way it should have. I hope there’s still some way this can be resolved properly. Maybe with enough pressure and public scrutiny, Sony will eventually cave.

    The thing I don’t understand about it is, it seems like Sony and Dr. Luke have no intention of promoting Kesha or letting her resume her career. So, what do they gain by keeping her under contract? Other than a spiteful victory and a denial of their own guilt. Welp, I guess I just answered my own question.

    Oh, and did y’all hear that Taylor Swift gave Kesha $250,000? That was nice.

    • I can’t believe so few people know about him in the UK (he even jokes about it). I’ve made it my life mission to make everyone here watch at least one episode. I mean come on his show is broadcast here too they don’t even have to watch it illegally!

  5. Thanks for the sex piece by Ariel Gore! I could very well relate. After reading that I came to think of other representations of lesbian sex in cinema/tv and realized I’ve never seen a satisfying one – I’ve seen okay and kinda good ones but not any representation that would make me scream yes. I think my first sexual years would have been better if I’d realized that girls can do so many things with each other in bed (and on the floor, in the shower, on the kitchen table, wherever).

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