Also.Also.Also: When Will These Boobs Be Banned?

I had a pain au chocolat over the weekend from Proof Bread that almost made me cry, so I’m feeling very blessed upon. I sure as heck hope you have a damn fine Monday, you gorgeous, gnarly wad of stardust and intentions!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Button and Bly went to Stockholm Pride!

+ I’m SO SORRY but the pre-order of Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher‘s Butch-Ups Calendar has sold out! I can hear your cries from here. We must believe in our hearts that there will be another chance soon. WE MUST BELIEVE.

UPDATE: Butch-Ups Calendars are back in stock! I think we did this with our heart powers, you guys.


+ My Kids Will Remember Me Crying Over a Cake. How Will Yours Remember You? by Vikki Reich.

+ Where Are All The Queer Girls in Fashion? by Biju Belinky.

+ Hope Solo Will Face Domestic Violence Charges.

+ Palestinian-Jewish lesbian couple makes comedy out of love story.

Doll Parts

+ Does Courtney Demone have boobs yet? What about now. What about now. Come on, Facebook, what about now?

courtney demone

+ Haim Wants to Bring Back Lilith Fair. :looks at cuticles; stares out window:

+ Sleater-Kinney on Riot Grrrl, Reuniting, and Portlandia.

+ Samantha Irby has Fall Beauty Tips for the Bored and Occasionally Greasy..

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Bracing for Gentrification in the South Bronx.

+ South Dakota Slated to Cut Native American History.

+ Flavorwire decided to take what is probably a fun little list of teen goth books and split it into a fucking 12-page slideshow (??????!), so instead of linking you to it, I’m telling you how fucking annoying it is and wondering if you have any teen goth book recommendations! Lord have mercy.

+ 27 Alternatives to Asking “Is This OK?” by Marcia Baczynski.

+ The Muppets Best Musical Moments!

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  1. Thanks for the pointer to Courtney Demone’s article. I’d read about her #DoIHaveBoobsNow project, but hadn’t read her first-hand account of what she’s doing.

    Also, “I’m starting to feel comfortable in my body in ways I’ve only prayed for and dreamed about.” Hits very close to home for me. Just sayin’.

  2. Have started Pocketing all A.A.A. articles for later in the vain hopes of becoming more productive at work. Loving my AS-curated Pocket so much I feel like it should be required reading in college, or something.

  3. I think the one thing the Courtney Demone piece missed is that this is something that little girls deal with all the time, especially in this age of social media. I was never allowed to run around topless starting at age three or so, even though I didn’t really need to start wearing a bra until I was at least twelve or thirteen. And yet, what’s the difference between a six year old girl’s chest and a six year old boy’s? Why do they make baby bikinis? At what point does a little girl’s chest become “too sexual”? When she’s a chubby little eight year old and has to start wearing training bras? Ugh.

  4. The article about dropping native American studies is just a clickbait article. If you read it and click on the website provided by the South Dakota state board of Education you will see that is a remodeling from the kindergarten on up of the history and economics and geography of the world and the US. Its quite informative and tells us that the native Americans are not losing out its just that the educators want to build on a foundation of learning and critical thinking not just in high school but thruout the child’s life. Normally we just tell the history of America again and again each grade. But no longer its designed to build each grade till a child have a firm grasp of everything. Not just American history.

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