Also.Also.Also: When There’s Nothing Left to Burn, You Have to Set Your Wedding Dresses on Fire

It’s time to start thinking about the advent calendar you’ll to make for your loved ones (OR YOURSELF) (if we can go to the movies alone we can make our own advent calendars) (also look at this). What will you put in it this year??? Maybe vitamins. Maybe we should all get more vitamins.

Queer as in F*ck You

Dana Nessel Kissed Wife Before Winning Michigan Attorney General Race. !!!

Evocative Portraits Exploring Black Femmes’ Relationship with Hair.

TransGiving Is All About the Love.

Lesbian YouTuber to Get Honorary Degree for Her Work on Disability Rights.

Notes on My Queer Bromance with My Personal Trainer.

“I Want to Show What It Means to Be Two-Spirit and Trans”.

Trans Woman Says Jailers Forced Her to Show Genitals, Shower With Men. She’s suing Dallas County for violating the Prison Rape Elimination Act. You can read more about how PREA has and hasn’t protected LGBTQ prisoners over the past 15 years right here on Autostraddle.

Honestly I originally wanted to share this for the incredible headline that I hoped you’d whisper to yourself when times got tough: Lesbian Couple Set Their Wedding Dresses on Fire in Breathtaking Ceremony. (Amen.) Then I read April’s Facebook post and that’s the best part, so now you can read it too!

I am far more likely to be killed because of marrying another woman than I was from being set on fire.
Let that sink in.

Saw This, Thought of You

12 Killed in California Shooting; Gunman Targeted Bar in Thousand Oaks. Also, Some Thousand Oaks Shooting Survivors Also Witnessed Las Vegas Massacre.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg Hospitalized with Three Broken Ribs. THAT’S THREE RIBS TOO MANY.

Scientists Say Mysterious ‘Oumuamua’ Object Could Be an Alien Spacecraft.
Tuesday, Nov 6, Autostraddle Slack, directly below that link:
Alexis: ^ at this point I’m like finally
Stef: please come independence day us out of our misery
Cee: i read a sci fi book about an alien space ship that looked like that once
Molly: they’re intergalactic election monitors

Too Often, Quality of Life for Endometriosis Patients Is Dictated by Their Financial Resources.

The Witches of Baltimore.

I um, found this article to be very helpful yesterday: 5 Chefs on How They’d Doctor Up Frozen Pizza.

Harassed Out of Hollywood: A Veteran Stuntwoman Reflects on Life in the Movies and on the Blacklist.

Political Snacks

The New Face of Power Is Taking Shape.

The South’s Progressive Uprising Is Only Just Beginning.

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  1. I know the catchy title wasn’t the main point of todays installment, but i got to see the stars perform a few years ago and the lead singer gave the most heart-full thank you to her fans and she had her kid come on stage and dance and it made me less scared to transition from angsty teen to adult with responsibilities.

    Also, the frozen pizza link just added a lot to my life. Thank you!

  2. I’m in totally uncontrollable fangirl mode about that photo, and her message even more so.

    Also really happy Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is getting a degree, I only discovered her recently and I love her, I’m hearing impaired myself and she does great work. Also, I totally thought I was femme till I saw her….

  3. The burning wedding dresses!! So epic & incredible. But also, did y’all peruse her instagram? April Choi is also a “master whip artist” … there’s got to be some kink in that!

    (Oddly enough, I don’t quiet get my kink-dar pinged when I’m looking through, but come on. There must be right!?)

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