Also.Also.Also: What Happened to Cleveland Pride?

Ok so, update on the philodendron front: it has three new leaves! I know y’all have been sitting around like, “When is Laneia going to tell us some more about the well-being of her houseplants?!” and obviously today is that when. I still can’t figure out a watering schedule with any of my them, aside from the air plants, as they were made for me and my ilk. How do you know when to water these other lush blessings? You have to journal about it, don’t you? You have to dedicate an entire moleskine to watering and sunshine notes. I just wanna know how to keep these little darlings alive! I wanna know what love is! I want them to show me!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Are you a mother who wants to learn how to code? Scholarships are available for MotherCoders, and they’re specifically looking for queer moms. Applications are open until August 10, so hop to it!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ U.S. Navy to Name Ship After Harvey Milk.

+ President of Group that Organizes Cleveland Pride Parade Defends Decision to Cancel. There’s a new LGBTQ event planned in its place.

+ Friends, Students Remember Eileen Yellin, Lesbian and LGBT Advocate at Tempe High School.

+ After Suicide Attempt, Chelsea Manning Faces Indefinite Solitary Confinement.

+ “Straight Women Explain Why They Like Watching Lesbian Porn”. JK I’m not linking to that! Hahahahahahalol oh lord.

+ “What Does “Queer” Mean? Five Things to Know About the “Q” in LGBTQ”. HAHAHAHAHA not that one either! No but seriously what if I started a section of the AAA that’s just headlines of stories that I’d never actually send you to? I mean do we not all deserve a good laugh? DO WE NOT.

Doll Parts

+ Did you want to talk more about The Brujas? Well cool: Sisterhood of the Skateboard.

+ This is from last year but oh so relevant: 11 Black Women Who Ran for President of the United States.

+ Here’s the Woman Who Invented the Home Pregnancy Test.

+ Hillary Clinton Helped Me Realize That Powerful Women Deserve Love.

+ How Vector Space Mathematics Reveals the Hidden Sexism in Language.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Who wants to have feelings about The Strokes with me? The Urban Malaise of The Strokes’ Is This It, 15 Years On. Oh 2001, you long-lost, pressed-flower of a time. Were we ever so very brand new?

+ Do you want a Stranger Things-inspired playlist? I do.

And Finally

Gigantic Wearable Felt Cat Heads! Stef found this for you.

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  1. I am 100% here for headlines of ridiculous stories you’d never actually send us to. Perhaps it would help us appreciate the highly curated nature of our regularly-scheduled AAA.

    It is a little early in the morning for those cat heads though.

  2. Houseplants! I have hardy houseplants and I generally water them once a week (on Saturday) and/or whenever I remember them and I notice they look droopy and the top inch of soil is dry.

    Pro tip – plants can droop because of over watering or under watering, so checking the dryness of the soil is important if you want to avoid root rot (I learned this the hard way with a supposedly indestructible jade plant).

    Oh, and thanks for the links :)

  3. I can’t have houseplants-my cats will eat them (and then barf everywhere and probably require a trip to the vet) or knock them over-but I do have outside plants. I had several succulents for the past 1-2 years that were doing just great and then they died! I’m trying to keep two of them alive now. One got support from rubber bands and stakes because it was falling over, and I think the other one wasn’t draining properly because I had it in a pot with no drain hole. I hope it doesn’t have rotten roots :(
    I did buy new succulents today from home depot! two cacti, one aloe vera, and another succulent. Cacti are cool and seem pretty hardy. I do wish I could have houseplants tho-they are pretty and freshen up your air!

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