Also.Also.Also: Watch Emma González on Rachel Maddow and Other Stories from Your Week

I have some personal news which is that today marks the final day that I can continue to exist on fewer than six hours of sleep, so! Yep! Today’s the last day! I’m going to bed at 3:30 this afternoon and not getting out of it until tomorrow morning. Amen.

Direct Action

There’s still time to support Muscle Memory, Carly Usdin’s latest film project! You have 9 days left in this campaign, so please donate ASAP and share this link with all of your friends and enemies!

“MUSCLE MEMORY is an experimental romantic comedy about a college freshman who falls in love with close-up magic as an escape from her unrequited crush on her roommate and her undiagnosed OCD, made as part of the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women.”

Queer as in F*ck You

Report: Health Care Resources for Lesbian and Bisexual Women Removed From Popular HHS Website.

Here’s Emma González, Jaclyn Corin, and Sarah Chadwick talking to Rachel Maddow last night!

DO NOT MISS THIS: Lena Waithe’s Vanity Fair Cover Is a Watershed Moment for Black Lesbian Visibility.

Twitter Has Apologised To A Woman Who Was Locked Out Of Her Account After Using The Word “Queer”.

Dating While Black: Queer Black Chicagoans Talk About Isolation, Lack of Safe Spaces Where They Can Explore Identity.

How Bisexuality Gets Erased, Explained by the Reaction to Cynthia Nixon’s Candidacy.

The Radical Poetry of Audre Lorde’s Confidante, Pat Parker.

I’m a Queer Feminist Artist. Why Are My Paintings Censored on Social Media?

Sexual Orientation Top Risk For Suicidal Thoughts In College Freshmen, Study Finds.

A Queer Dictionary for the Irish Language! Neat!

Gigi Gorgeous On Why We Need More Trans Representation In Fashion.

Not Like You: On Gay Assimilation and Fighting for Difference.

Stray City Proves Writing About Reality Doesn’t Have to Be Miserable.

Queen Latifah’s Mother Rita Owens Has Died After Her Struggle With Heart Disease: ‘Her Battle Is Over Now’.

Dr. Ben Carson Resorts To Anti-transgender Fearmongering To Defend Rolling Back Protections For Homeless LGBTQ People.

What in the fresh fucking hell is this.

Doll Parts

What Would a World Designed by Women Look Like?

New CherryPicks Site Will Feature Movie Reviews By Female Critics Only.

Japan’s Prisons Are a Haven for Elderly Women.

Queen Mary’s Dollhouse and the Lost Vita Sackville-West Children’s Story That May Have Inspired Virginia Woolf’s ‘Orlando’.

The Waves Of Feminism, And Why People Keep Fighting Over Them, Explained.

30 Essential Feminist Movies You Need to See.

10 Feminist Books to Read This Spring.

Keep Up

The School Shooting Generation Has Had Enough.

The Sexist, Racist Implications of the ‘Walk Up, Not Out’ Movement.

What’s Happening With Puerto Rico’s Stores After Hurricane Maria?

Saw This, Thought of You

When You’re Autistic, Abuse Is Considered Love.

No Elegies for Appalachia: The Real Stories Are Resilience and Self-Reliance.

11 People on the Agony and Ecstasy of Shopping at Claire’s.

Disabled Hikers Dot Com.

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  1. Good luck getting more sleep! Sleep is lovely!

    I’m one of those people who needs a lot of sleep. I go to bed when my 5 & 6 year old go to sleep, so I’ll be upstairs if they get up, wake up when my wife comes to bed around 4:30 am, and the go back to sleep until it’s time to get up and get the kids ready for school and day care.

  2. Umm, might want a trigger warning on the Queer Sidekick one, it’s filled with transphobia. The Author gets super bad in the comments. So does everyone else. As well as a shit ton of conflating gay cis men with trans woman. Which really pisses me off.

  3. I have a recommendation. Monday morning I bought my first gay book in years (and I mean on the MM side of things), but I had to.

    A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo it’s an amazing book… SUCK IT, PENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PD: I did bought it using AS Amazon link because we need to spread the money around. And I left a one star review because nothing makes me happier than trolling those motherfuckers.

  4. Three things:
    1. Rachel Maddow is so adorable at the end of that video, I can’t.
    2. That feminist movie list gave me some new ones to watch, and also made me want to watch Desperately Seeking Susan again, like, immediately.
    3. You just had to trick us all into clicking on the weird incest article, didn’t you? ;)

  5. What a ride, Laneia …thank you kindly.

    Concerning the waves of feminism: of course Constance Grady can only hint at the complexity of the debate, and as a commenter I can do much less. There is, however, a point I wish to make as a trans woman …’situated knowledge’, as Donna Haraway taught us.

    I do not wish to be part of a ‘ wave’ with a number. For one thing, these matters are ultimately decided upon where there is no equal playing field. Share a bit of Jess Merritt’ s anger and you see where the problems are right away – her remarks are on ‘ GLB ( t) but may be read as pertaining to some aspects of contemporary feminism as well. Furthermore, ‘ history is what you can remember’ , as two Englishmen wrote decades ago, satirising how history was taught in the UK back then. They are perfectly right. It is, obviously, all about what is taking shape now, as feminism, and as ‘ the iron tongue of midnight hath struck twelve’ in our present day it should better not be yet another ‘ wave’ that washes over those at the margins driven there not only by the patriarchy. Apologies to those for whom that might be too harsh an observation.

    When I go out of doors I challenge the patriarchy whether I want to or not. I am a feminist, I want to. I do not transgress now or then, I am transgression. But in the street, on the bus, in the shop, there are no ‘ waves’. There is my fierceness and my feminist solidarity, one- sided more often than not. And I happen to know that very many of my sisters experience the very same.

    Here is a trans woman’ s reading of feminist history and its waves – enjoy!

    • @sabertooth I’m just barely starting to learn about feminism, and so happy you posted this. The first couple paragraphs were so painful, but what an ending! When we see how feminism has evolved, it gives me so much hope for the future. I feel like this deserves a second and third read over a slow cup of coffee.

      • @Saga, I apologize for my grimness seeing it hurt you, that was not at all my intention. I think we all have to learn about femiminism all over again, and again, as it is so vast and many-faced and constantly changing. Oh, and I agree with you: this time, now, there is actual hope that feminism, and feminists, get it right. The history of feminism has bleak passages, but I believe ( I feel this more than I can claim to know it) that vital lessons have been learned. It is significant that for a growing number of feminists, younger ones in particular, TERFs have become the ugly face of a bygone version of feminism they are not willing to accept as feminism any more ( you go girls …!) For more and more feminists it goes without saying now that fighting racism, classism, poverty and Othering is an integral part of what feminism is. Saga, I was born in the mid- sixties and I experienced a lot of sh …ahm, unpleasantness, including feminist transmisogyny, but I cannot remember ever having been so full of hope. This time, this time …let them all hear our voices. And, enjoy your coffee.

  6. Wow. Just wow. I have deep respect for Laneia and have been an Auto Straddle reader for a long time. But I need to be honest about this week’s post — I don’t think I’ve ever felt this sick to my stomach and hurt. Auto Straddle has always been an inclusive haven for trans women, but I feel like this week’s post was anything but.

    Starting with “Straight Women and Situational Homophobia, or When Queer Sidekicks Go Bad” — my eyebrows raised when I saw “queer men” and “trans women” in the same sentence countless times, almost implying a synonymous relationship which paints trans women as nothing more than gay men. Then… the comment section. By the 4th or 5th transphobic slur, I was done.

    Then I browsed “New CherryPicks Site Will Feature Movie Reviews By Female Critics Only”. “Oh, this is lovely!” I thought, “And so needed!”

    “We’re going to be a site for people who identify as women. Where men can go to the site as well, but in terms of aggregating reviews, it’ll be from people who IDENTIFY as women.”

    Why did this bother me? Was I just being overly sensitive? Was my anger from the previous article lingering on? Am I being unreasonable?

    I need some cheese. That always helps the happy come back.

    • *Edit* Thank you so much Laneia for removing the link mentioned. I absolutely love your work and didn’t mean to come off angry. I think as trans women, we receive so much hate each day that in response we try to have a thicker skin than most. But there are some things that cut deep regardless. Like you said, it can be tricky sharing news about this topic and appreciate you taking everyone’s feelings into account.

      • Well, Saga, thank you for pointing out what offended you …we should do that some more I believe. I agree, it must be hard to take everyone’ s feelings into account – is it not hard for us too? – but the more we speak up the less misunderstandings happen. I’ m with you.

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