Also.Also.Also: Violent Militarized Police Use Water Cannons, Tear Gas on Unarmed #NoDAPL Protestors and Other Stories You Need

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Ummmmmmm I bought a pair of pleather pants over the weekend as self-care, so now I’m unfuckwithable. What are you doing shore up your Don’t Fuck With Me vibe this week?

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Support Netizens: A Documentary About Women and Online Harassment! Do it.

+ Militarized police incite violence at Standing Rock. Water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets were used against the peaceful, unarmed protestors late in the night, in freezing weather. The protestors had no way of immediately reheating and at least one elder went into cardiac arrest. He was resuscitated by onsite medics. Donate to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund.

Drone footage of police using a water cannon on protestors while the temp hovered around 25° F.

Drone footage of police using a water cannon on protestors while the temp hovered around 25° F.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ First of all, Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig in the Whiskers R We skit from Saturday’s SNL. Bless us.

+ Inside the Military’s Working Policies on Trans Service Members.

+ Louisiana Legislators Reject State Employee Health Contract Because of LGBT Protections. Wow what a bunch of fucks! Useless fucks.

+ Meet the Texas Lawmaker Fighting For Queer Youth (And Everyone Else).

+ How a Lesbian Chef is Breaking the Food Industry’s Glass Ceiling. BY BEING AWESOME AND A LESBIAN PROBABLY.

+ The Transgender Body in Art.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ This is very thorough! How to Talk to Your Loved Ones About a Donald Trump Presidency.

+ Bestie Boys Set Anti-Hate Rally After Swastikas Found in Adam Yauch Park.

+ Not Trump-related but really, really fucked up regardless: Michigan Officials Seek to Block Court-Ordered Bottled Water Delivery in Flint.

+ Mike Pence’s Hateful Laws Almost Kept Me From My Dying Wife. Go to hell Mike Pence.

+ What are the Economic Costs of Deportation?

+ Hillary Clinton’s Popular Vote Victory is Unprecedented and Still Growing. This is from last week but, you know, relevant!

Doll Parts

+ Rest in peace Sharon Jones.

+ The Cowgirls of Color: The Black Women’s Team Bucking Rodeo Trends.

+ The Day After the Election, I Went Back to Work as an Abortion Provider, and I Won’t Stop.

+ More Women and Minorities are Signing Up for Self-Defense Classes Following Trump Win.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ What have we done to deserve this!!!?

+ 10 New Traditions to Try Out This Thanksgiving. Not a single one of them is Hide In Your Bathroom Reading Autostraddle, but you could add that!

And Finally

+ These photos of cats jumpinggg.

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  1. I don’t have money, but I have a phone. If I call, if I get all my friends, online and offline to call, like is that a thing I can do? Does that count? I just call them and say I’m a constituent and I object to the violence and abuse being used at standing rock. Can I do that?

  2. RE: Flint – a woman was interviewed who pointed out that many people relying on bottled water at this point have been having to abandon the large bottles at bus stops and on the street because they are so heavy and don’t have transportation or help with them – others can’t leave their house to get them because of disability etc. This woman was saying now that it was going to be delivered, she was going to be able to bathe her children, at least, in the bottled water instead – and “that should cut down on their rashes and respiratory distress.” FUCK ANYBODY who would try to block that. What the actual fuck.

  3. SNL was also really bigoted last night, mocking transgender and genderqueer & non-comforming people as the “reason Democrats lost the election”. The SNL worship does need to stop, or at the very least their sins need to be laid bare if we’re going to appreciate their successes.

    We need to do better. We need vapid fluff, yes, but we just can’t ignore anyone normalizing the de-humanization of vulnerable people.

  4. This is how you get those michigan state officials to shut the hell up and let the water be delivered.

    You collect all the bad water in flynt and pay to have it packaged and personally delivered to those state officials and all their staff and the lawyers. Make sure all of it gets switched out for good water. In fact pay all the waiters nearby their buildings to switch out all the water. Make sure their meals come with flint water. I can’t lie though, I got the idea from Sahara the movie.

  5. That link on talking to loved ones about Trump is so good, I’ll save and keep coming back to it. On the weekend I saw my family for the first time since the election and knew I wanted to talk more about politics than I’ve previously been willing to do. I ended up having the conversation with just my mum, and being one-on-one helped where if it was both parents my dad would likely have done more of the talking. I used as common ground the journalist Masha Gessen – I’ve told mum before that she’s a Russian-Jewish-American who has written books criticizing Putin and about her family history and her breast cancer – all of which is relevant to my mother’s interests. I gave her the Putin book and told her Masha will soon be in town speaking about Trump in our (Australian) state and that I would like her to come. That started the conversation and we found that we agree that Trump didn’t expect to win or know how to handle the reality. My parents being right wing though, still saw him as the better choice. I spoke about how the race baiting he has done and the validation of racism he has given the country and world can’t be separate from anti-semitism which is also on the rise and which would actually affect us. I told her a little about the alt-right and that scared me. She said that to her his attitude towards women is just one factor and she didn’t really see how it would be relevant to how he runs the country. I should have asked her to talk more about where that feeling comes from but I did say that making abortions and contraception so much harder to access would affect a lot of American women (for some reason my parents and the conservative culture of people from the USSR can be somewhat pro-choice). There were things she said that I didn’t know how to address properly, about terrorism and her belief that Clinton is corrupt. I didn’t even go into the homophobia that would affect my life or much about the far right in Australia which is also gaining ground. I felt so much better afterwards (and really nervous during) but it’s only a beginning. I’ll keep coming back to that document.

    • Good on you. The more Australians realise the dangers of the rise of the right at home here in Australia the better prepared we will be when our next election comes. It will also help if we protest about our Govts actions as they creep further and further to the far right. We can also stand ready to help our US friends financially as we are able and lobby internationally through online groups.

  6. Well, it’s good to know that minorities in the US are taking measures to defend themselves. I’m so done with the conservative mindset that us liberals are “pathetic” and can’t defend ourselves just because we happen to condone needless violence and accept feminine AMAB people (who they see as a weak).

    I’ve taken some self defense lessons myself, as well as having a small handgun in my apartment as a number of my roommates are minorities. Ever since the election I’ve made a point of carrying a pocket knife whenever I go out, and making sure it’s semi visible so that any cis white man who even THINKS about trying anything can see it and second guess.

    It kinda sucks that after this election many of us have to behave in such a paranoid manner, but I’d much rather be my authentic self and prepared for a potential hate crime than let the bigots force me into hiding.

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