Also.Also.Also: Wow Vermont You Are So Gay and Other Stories for Your Face

Hi there! Flint, Michigan has been without clean water for 1,021 days! Pass it on.

Direct Action

I’m reconfiguring this section (formerly You Should Go or Do or Give) to focus on actionable things you can do right now to make a difference in the world, micro and macro. Send tips to

+ Taking a Stand Against DeVos: 5 Action Steps to Mobilize and Stay Informed.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ Queering Islamophobia.

+ My Life as a Trans Woman Teaching High School in a Bathroom Bill State.

+ Armpit Hair and Crop Tops: 31 Photos of Queer People How They Want to be Seen.

+ The Watermelon Woman or Whatever Happened to New Queer Cinema.

+ Vermont Leads States in LGBTQ Identification.

A map of the United States illustrates the percentage of Americans by state who identify as LGBTQ.

+ Watch the Gender Revolution documentary tomorrow night on NatGeo.

+ Trans Teen Takes Her Own Life Weeks After Giving Moving Speech on Acceptance.

+ Watch Carrie Brownstein Review Songs for Vice News.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ What Would It Look Like, Hypothetically, If A Public Figure Were Suffering The Symptoms Of Dementia?

+ Terrific Things You Need to Buy From Nordstrom Today! “Celebrities love Timberlands and why not? They’re great for taking long walks with thousands of strangers.” ??

+ Wait this is amazing. Pennsylvania Senator to Trump: “Come After Me You Shit-Gibbon!”

+ Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post”.

+ Donald Trump and the Uses of the Past.

+ Trump Administration Prepares to Execute Vicious Executive Order on Deportations.

+ She Showed Up Yearly to Meet Immigration Agents. Now They’re Deporting Her. The story of Guadalupe García de Rayos.

UPDATE: Guadalupe has been deported to Nogales. Her attorney was never contacted by ICE. She missed DACA eligibility by four months. Her attorney: “My advice to future clients is to go find a sanctuary church don’t check-in to ICE.”

+ Trump Aide Derided Islam, Immigration And Diversity, Embraced An Anti-Semitic Past. Just a cool guy being cool, you know.

+ Ted Cruz: “The Democrats are the Party of the Ku Klux Klan.” Sounds like Ted needs a refresher on the Southern strategy, bless his dumb fucking heart.

+ Neil Gorsuch sure as shit did criticize Trump and his tantrums, even if Trump doesn’t want to admit it. “Even if Trump doesn’t want to admit it” could be appended to pretty much every true thing you say for the next thirty years!

+ John Kelly, Homeland Security Secretary: Travel Vetting Could Include Passwords, Tweets. If you’re super up-to-date on this subject, you’ll know it’s already happening, even to American-born citizens.

Doll Parts

+ How Ana Nicole Smith Became America’s Punchline. Related: read Sady Doyle’s Trainwreck!

+ The Casualties of Women’s War on Body Hair.

+ Learn about Elouise Cobell, American Indian Activist Who Battled for 15 Years to Win a Landmark Suit for Oil and Gas Royalties.

Keep Up

+ Cellphone Spy Tools Have Flooded Local Police Departments.

+ White People: I Don’t Want You to Understand Me Better, I Want You to Understand Yourselves.

+ U.S. Animal Abuse Records Deleted—What We Stand to Lose.

+ Earth and Bone is a public radio-produced podcast that digs into the pervasive issue of the U.S. government desecrating sacred Native American lands for profit. You can also read the transcripts here.

+ Navajo Nation Seeks Special Recognition Status From UN.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ How to Make a Fishnet Top.

+ Lumberjanes Will Be Adapted Into Novels !!!

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  1. That animal abuse record really infuriates me, especially now you have to do a fioa request to get an answer. Like what could their reason be for this?

    Can we like donate to a proper animal helping org to make a commercial that points this out so we can get even more outrage?

  2. That White People article makes me so deeply sad.

    If anyone watched the “Davante” episode of Blackish last night, I think it’s message was similar to Ijeoma Oluo’s message in this article. Of course, I’m not saying that an episode of Blackish captured everything she says or said it nearly as eloquently. This was a very powerful essay, and I think every white person should read it.

    My trouble, and I’m asking for guidance, is what as a white person I can do after I’ve “seen” myself. I grew up with a lot of black people. I feel like I’ve “seen” white culture and seen it’s effect on black culture. I tutor young black kids in math. I can still see the effect of this oppressive system on them when they tell me it’s ok if they fail their homework. It’s ok because no one expected them to do well anyways, and it wouldn’t matter even if they did. I want to make them believe that they can grab power and that self confidence is free. But, I know that there are too many opposing forces on them to make this true. I know that when I pretend like I know something, people believe me because I’m a white lady with a college degree. When they actually do know something, people don’t believe them because of their skin color and their accent and their “boisterousness”. WTF.

    My only hope is that other millennials like me who have grown up entrenched in black culture and with lots of black friends will help to move forward the real equality. Not bullshit equality, but the notion of real equality including not expecting your black peers to “quiet down”, not expecting them to pronounce words like you do, not expecting them to conform to your box in order for them to be as or more successful than you. They don’t have to act like white people to be equal. They just have to be themselves and not be penalized for it.

    • what as a white person I can do after I’ve “seen” myself. I grew up with a lot of black people. I feel like I’ve “seen” white culture and seen it’s effect on black culture.

      There’s no end to this “seeing”. It’s a constant process. It’s not “ok I’ve seen it, done”.

      See more and you’ll see the opportunities and requests to help out. Even if by “helping out” you’re mostly just listening.

  3. The Transgender depression suicide article is really sad. Rest in peace CarlEmelia. Her words reminding people about supportive community are beautiful and tragic. I hope everyone in the Autostraddle community feels supported. ♡

    • The article about Women’s Body Hair is amazing!!! I want to share it with everyone.

      The Transgender depression suicide article is really sad. Rest in peace CarlEmelia. Her words reminding people about supportive community are beautiful and tragic. I hope everyone in the Autostraddle community feels supported. ♡

  4. That is an interesting comment from The Zodiac Killer considering that former and current prominent members of the KKK(as well those alt-right folks who supposedly claim no affiliation with the klan)have publicly endorsed Trump and are Republican.

  5. The article about the cost (both monetary and physical) of body hair removal really brought up a lot of mixed feelings in me. I’m a trans woman, and a major part of my transition (and certainly the most expensive part, to date) has been getting my facial hair zapped off. This is partially because it makes it a lot easier to actually be perceived as a woman, but also because simply having stubble was deeply psychologically uncomfortable for me. What I’m not questioning was how much of that dysphoria stemmed from whatever visceral mind-body dissonance that’s the root of gender dysphoria, and how much was simply internalized messaging about what women are “supposed” to look like.

    (It does, however, reify my decision not to get my stomach lasered- yeah, there’s still hair on it, but it’s fine and downy and soft, and my wife likes it, so it stays).

  6. Not to be a killjoy but I don’t feel comfortable saying a certain someone has dementia without it being confirmed by his doctor. Firstly because it lets him off the hook too easy which isn’t great for those who fall victim to his policies. Secondly because he’s a bad guy so I don’t like him being linked to dementia without evidence (more than just circumstantial. Like his own doctor announcing it). I think thats not great for people who really have it, a bit like calling someone crazy for acting in a way you find distasteful/wrong. I’m no expert on dementia but maybe people with personal experience of it will tell me, all I know is an ex’s grandma had it and it was awful for the grandma/the family in general.

    Also no. What he has is a habit of tweeting too often and too late at night. That leads to over the top tweets and too much of his (awful) personality coming out, either due to drunkenness or tiredness (even if he’s stone cold sober he’s bound to be affected by tiredness). This reveals him as he really is and isn’t great for his image. Then because he’s tweeting too much he either genuinely forgets or chooses to ‘forget’ his worst tweets.

  7. I’ve lived in Vermont my entire life (born north, lived mostly in the south) and my first girlfriend was from Massachusetts. We may be gayer than most, but it still was a big deal to come out to everyone and the word “fag” was thrown in my face a lot. So interesting to see the map though!

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