Also.Also.Also: Umm a Sweater Made From the Hair of Gay People?

I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m getting married in like five days and my brain is like a bowl of lotion. Enjoy these links I love you!

You Should Go or Do or Give

+ Emily Books needs so much more money! Share the kickstarter with all your social medias because you never know who might secretly be really into finding amazing new books, book communities, and getting shit done! There’s a good variety of pledge levels and one even includes coffee with Emily and Ruth which sounds like a fucking dream.

+ Support the film Enigma of Being Awake by Emmeline Kim!

Queer as in F*ck You

+ This is a sweater knitted from the hair of gay people and you can learn more about The Gay Sweater project here!

+ One Restaurant in Indiana Already Celebrated ‘Religious Liberty’ by Turning Away Some Gays so that’s super cool!

+ When Visibility Doesn’t Translate Into Support for Trans Teens, on the suicide of Blake Brockington.

+THIS IS NEAT: Adventurer Sarah Outen Takes Last Leg of Her Global Expedition. An adventurer! Just once I hope someone uses the word adventurer in front of my name in a headline.

Doll Parts

+ Literary Life Lessons from Five Black Female Protagonists by Evette Dionn.

+ Ann Friedman brings you The Real Lesson of the Ellen Pao Verdict.

+ “Punk Was a Great Liberating Thing for Women”: Filmmaker Vivienne Dick on No Wave and Making Art in 1970s New York by Alison Nastasi.

+ Let’s Examine the Visual Aesthetic of Sofia Coppola‘s Work. Don’t mind if I do.

+ New Web Series “You’re So Talented” Gives Us a Black Female Protagonist to Root For by Evette Dionne.

+ Here’s a slideshow of Snapshots of Dangerous Women! Need this book obvs.

Coinciding with Women’s History Month, Rizzoli Publications will be releasing a book containing a collection of photographs gathered by art collector Peter J. Cohen depicting adventurous and rebellious women during the 1930’s, 40’s, and 50’s who visually pushed through the boundaries of acceptable behavior for women in their time. The images, which were collected by Cohen over the span of 25 years, are black and white snapshots found in flea markets around the world and on eBay. What began as a side project eventually grew to a collection of more than 60,000 photographs of vivacious females. Though the women remain nameless, their fearless spirit strikes a chord with any woman who has felt suppressed by societal expectations.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Breakfast Club is still relatable today, ok? Ok.

+ There Are Only Two “Big Blobs” of Forest Remaining on Earth. ::angels weeping::

+ Just a surprise Destiny’s Child reunion don’t worry about it.

+ Teenagers Face Early Death, On Their Terms by Jan Hoffman.

+ There’s a StoryCorps app! You can interview yourself! It’ll be like journaling with your voice and then setting that journal entry free into the world forever! That sounds horrifying so hopefully it’s not like that at all actually.

+ This almost made me wish I had to leave my house to go to work, but then I realized I could do all these things and then just like, stay here. 10 Things You Can Do In 10 Minutes Before Work That Will Make Coming Home Nicer.

And Finally

Katy Smail‘s Zodia is so pretty and sweet JUST LIKE YOU, DAMN IT.


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  1. I donated to Emily Books and my life has gotten significantly better since doing so, just saying.

    Also I couldn’t watch the sweater video I got really skeezed out by the idea of someone knitting with hair

  2. Gay Sweater as Performance Art: A+

    Gay Sweater as Fashion: D-

    Gay Sweater Skeeviness Factor: I am itching and convulsing just thinking about it.

    Would I wear it? Probably out of curiosity and then I would die of heebie-jeebies. Also, unclear whether this is considered vegan or not…

  3. That sweater is so weird. I wonder if it feels like wool? I guess I’d wear it if I were freezing in a blizzard. Maybe it would be more effective during the holiday season, when ugly Christmas sweaters are in style. “Don we now our gay apparel!” “Honey, I knitted you a hair sweater!”

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