Also.Also.Also: Trump’s Ridiculous Trans Military Ban Is Shaping Up and Other Stories You’ll Need Some Water After Reading

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Queer as in F*ck You

+ Capturing Queer Liberation’s Legends and Lovers.

+ This 1951 Lesbian Love Story from Mexico Just Got Its First U.S. Screening.

+ In Comic Book World, Queer Is the New Jewish.

+ 49ers Assistant Katie Sowers is first out LGBT coach in NFL.

+ Boston’s Anti-Fascist Protest Was Planned by Black, Queer, Radical Women.

+ StyleLikeU’s What’s Underneath Project brings you What’s Underneath America: Reflections on Race and Identity.

+ Forever 21 Accused of Ripping Off Queer-Owned Company Wildfang’s Most Iconic T-Shirt. Those motherfuckers.

+ In Conversation With Nazariya, A Queer Feminist Resource Group.

+ Killer of Maryland Trans Woman Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison.

+ Lesbian Couple Sue Colorado Company for Taking Away Insurance.

+ All the Cartoon Characters from My Childhood Were Queer.

+ Help Queers Defend Charlottesville.

+ Me: Arabelle Sicardi with “I Really Like You”: Carly Rae Jepsen and Lesbian Vampirism.
You: Say no more.

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ White House Sets Rules for Military Transgender Ban.

+ How the Forever War Brought Us Donald Trump.

+ White House Has Paperwork Ready for an Arpaio Pardon. Those motherfuckers.

+ Tempe Councilman Says Police Gassed Him and Others Outside Trump Rally.

+ Wall Street Journal Editor Admonishes Reporters Over Trump Coverage.

Doll Parts

+ BLM Co-Founder: It Is Our Duty to Dismantle White Supremacy.

+ Excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s New Book.

+ Amanda Knox and Sady Doyle discuss Why We Love to hate Trainwreck Women.

+ Hollywood’s Colorism Problem Can’t Be Ignored Any Longer.

+ Talking to My Daughter About Charlottesville.

+ As Joss Whedon and Others Are Confronted By Their Treatment Of Women, Fandom Is Evolving to Listen.

Keep Up

+ Despite Disavowals, Leading Tech Companies Help Extremist Sites Monetize Hate.

+ Growing Up in the Shadow of the Confederacy.

+ Mic’s Drop: How Mic Exploited Social Justice for Clicks and Then Abandoned the Staff That Believed in It.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ The Village Voice Is Ending Its Weekly Print Edition.

+ How Portland Is Driving Away New Residents of Color.

+ The Internet Is Making Me Sick idk maybe you can relate.

And Finally


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  1. Question: does anyone here know of any articles, organizations, or the like addressing gentrification in Orlando, or a least Florida? If you do, a link would be greatly appreviated. Thank you in advance!

  2. Oh, that Portland article </3 This is also true of Boston: "But part of what makes it so tricky to be a person of color in Portland is that the city is often in denial about its racism because it’s so liberal and progressive on other issues."

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