Also.Also.Also: Trump’s Trans Military Ban Is Now a ‘Guidance Policy’ and Other Stories You Can’t Miss

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Queer as in F*ck You

+ Transgender Recruits Welcome at Police Departments, Even if Trump Doesn’t Want Them.

+ Dream Daddy Has a Problem with Bisexual Representation, and Its Name Is Joseph.

+ Prejudice and Pride: The People’s History of LGBTQ Britain Review.

+ Update: Bulleit Bourbon Maker Diageo Calls Accusations of Homophobia “Unfair”.

+ Amsterdam’s Milkshake Festival Is a Queer Dance Party Paradise.

+ These LGBT Clubbers Say They Feel Shut Out Of The Scene Because They Are Disabled.

+ This is a shit weird title but worth reading: Transgender Bathroom Controversy Muddles Scottsdale Park Deal.

+ A Queer Homage to a 1970s Lesbian Separatist.

+ Support Flexible Facts of Life: A Book About Families! It’s written by a queer single mother and has to be funded by the end of this week!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

+ Trump’s Trans Military Ban Now Policy.

+ Republican Shadow Campaign for 2020 Takes Shape as Trump Doubts Grow lolololol. Followed by:

+ “It’s just an embarrassing spectacle at this point”: Matt Taibbi on Trump’s America.

+ One Year Into the FBI’s Russia Investigation, Mueller Is on the Trump Money Trail.

+ Trump’s New Immigration Plan Screws Over Women the Most.

+ US Federal Department Censoring Use of Term ‘Climate Change,’ Emails Reveal.

Doll Parts

+ Why Women Get Criticized for Being Candid at Work. (The patriarchy.)

+ Here’s The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google.

+ I’m A Woman, Shake My Hand Damn It.

+ We Had Sex, But I Never Told Him I Was Trans by Jen Richards.

+ Most Women You Know Are Angry — and That’s All Right.

+ Why Do We Think Being Matronly Is a Bad Thing?

+ Eighth Circuit: Title IX Won’t Cover High Schooler Who Reported Her Assault at a College.

+ Missouri’s Governor Signed an Omnibus Anti-Abortion Bill into Law.

+ Nine Podcasts For and About Women in Business and Tech.

+ The 11 Most Influential Female Action Heroes of Our Time.

Keep Up

+ CNN has an interactive three-part series, The Trigger and the Choice, about police shootings in America. It’s a lot.

+ In Sweltering South, Climate Change Is Now a Workplace Hazard.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ What Causes Spooky Out of Body Experiences?

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    • Dream Daddy is a game where you make a dad (or ‘dadsona’) and then try to date other dads. Joseph is a youth pastor who is separated from his wife Mary. A lot of controversy surrounded him when a ‘Joseph-leads-an-evil-dad-ensnaring-cult’ ending cut from the full game was found in the coding.

      Mary is my favorite character. She’s snarky and not exactly the best person but not irredeemable.

  1. The trans military ban actually being signed into anything is making me so upset..I’m not even American!
    But this is how it starts..First you’re not allowed in bathrooms, then the military, then schools, then stores, then streets, then not at all. And since Trump and Pence don’t dare go after the gays..yet.
    It’s so obvious and so hateful, it makes me want to scream.
    If there’s anyone out there affected by this, stay strong, you’re loved and appreciated. xoxo

    • This is how I feel too. If the tide doesn’t turn over the next two or three years and a more socially progressive political and economic trend become more of a reality throughout the world, then ….. well, all of our turns to feel the boot heel.

  2. In light of the Google bullshit-ery and other articles, I’d like to declare that I’m an angry woman in tech who is tired of this shit. I’m tired of people, men more often than not, telling me I’m irredeemable and incompetent. I dare them to try that in person, so I can show them just how angry I am.

  3. This…..
    “More often than not I think this: Until men have to disclose to me that they’re assholes, I don’t have to disclose anything at all.”
    Jenifer Richards you are my new hero, I so think that very same thing more often than not. Well nearly the same, being Bi I generally think in terms of “people” not just men.

  4. So, that link on the college sexual assault reported on Rewire was uncannily close to home. My father taught there for years, and I took college classes on the campus while I was still in high school because there’s a partnership program between the local K-12 school and the college. The college classes I took were taught by faculty who were very good at teaching, and I picked them in part because they were known to be harder graders and I felt like I’d learn more. It’d be hard to supervise minors because we were responsible for getting ourselves to and from those college classes — and as it’s a farming community, a lot of the local teens are already highly independent at 16 or 17. I walked to and from the college classes almost every day, ice or rain or heat wave.

    One of the big issues (apart from the article’s topic) when I was growing up was that it was (and maybe still is?) a dry campus, so students who needed assistance with drinking too much felt like they couldn’t get help. It’s also a very Christian school, and many of the students are regional and from highly conservative backgrounds (or from Christian communities overseas, actually — there was a push for Japanese Christian students to come to school there when I was a girl, and we served as a host family for a few years). I stayed away from the fraternity/sorority members while I was taking classes.

    I just sent the article to my sisters and mom and one of them was like “damn.” I can’t say that I’m surprised that this case is happening. I hope that she’s also bringing litigation against the person who sexually assaulted her.

    (Growing up non-Christian in that town was really unpleasant. I escaped from Missouri as soon as I turned 18.)

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