Also.Also.Also: Transgender Prisoners Even Less Safe Today, Thanks to Trump

I’m about to get on an airplane! A whole entire airplane!! Luckily I’ve had some french fries and a beer, so. Feeling pretty centered.

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  1. I’m guilty of occasionally watching Alex Jones compilations with friends, and tbh this lesbian special was pretty funny.

    I would love to see his face if he was ever introduced to a femme bi/lesbian. It’s literally the “you’re too pretty to be gay” thing, but it’s Alex Jones so, you’ve got to laugh… he thinks there are actual goblins in the Democratic Party.

  2. I was surprised to find out one of the lesbian Tr*mp supports works in SF. Like does she not realize he’s making it harder for us as a community? She didn’t even sound like she’s self hating(like Milo sounds) either. My family is the same way single issue voters and think he’s doing a great job on those single issues that matters to them.

  3. OMFG I also went on a date with the MAGA woman from that Vice article a few months ago and she was AWFUL to talk to, always wanting to debate and refute everything I said, super pretentious. And the election stuff didn’t even come up. Thank god it didn’t or I would definitely have had to leave had I known.

  4. My workplace’s female employees are weirdly majority lesbian/bi, but also all conservative and it’s a mindfuck. They range in age from 21 to 60ish? It hurts my brain. We have a trans guy detainee right now (full disclosure: it’s a county jail), and you wouldn’t believe how ignorant they are to all things trans. Like even the basic shit. I have spent upwards of 72 hours (I work 12 hour shifts) fighting for basic respect for him (including carefully written multi-page reports in which no pronouns are used because they wouldn’t let me use male pronouns).
    BUT the people I thought would be least receptive (straight white openly Trump voting men) have actually been the most open to education and have been the most complimentary about how hard I’ve worked to make sure ethics are put first. It’s been surprising, and somewhat encouraging. At the same time, the people I thought would be the most receptive (the queers, the Trump haters) have been total idiots.

    • I hear ya. My brother works at the prison and said they have a policy on inmates who are transgender-how to help ensure safety and what medical supports they offer. The department of mental health in our area, just last month finally wrote a policy on clients who are transgender which says staff “may” use correct pronouns.

  5. I’m all for allowing people to express their opinions. I can’t comprehend why someone would vote for Trump unless they were motivated by greed or hate. Our political system is used to systematically oppress minorities. It’s naive and dangerous to think it’s not related. To vote on one of two issues when the candidate clearly goes against your best interest is just dumb. I don’t care how you justify it. Voting for Trump because of the media is like voting for Hitler because he hated smoking and was a vegetarian. “I know he’s a terrible person but I really hate smoking.” Sounds dumb, because it is, as well as selfish. I usually go out of my way to not draw parallels with Hitler but I think it fits in this case. The complete lack of empathy for others. You’re allowed to have your opinion and I’m allowed to not act like it’s valid or moral. Not to mention, the destroy the media argument isn’t accurate. Trump’s whole image is based on what he puts out to the media, in particular social media. He’s not destroying the media. He’s using it to destroy the Constitution. Maybe it’s easier to compartmentalize when you live in a place that offers legal protections. Or when you’re somewhat safe just walking down the street minding your own business. But for those of us who can lose our job, housing, benefits, and be subject to homophobic attacks with little recourse for protection, I guess it goes beyond immigration and the media.

  6. At first I was wondering why “Cara Delevingne comes out as genderfluid” wasn’t a much bigger story on here, but then I read the actual article and maybe I’m wrong, but I’m not sure someone saying, “I realized that gender is more fluid than masculine and feminine,” is the same thing as actually saying, “I am genderfluid.” I feel like they really twisted her words or jumped to a conclusion that she didn’t actually make herself. *shrugs*

  7. i was super frustrated reading that whole maga lesbian piece. am i prejudiced against nazis? fuck yes. do i need to confront those prejudices if i can really count myself a liberal? fuck no. and i was pissed the author kept using the terms LGBT and queer. that maga lez was part of the milo-loving gay community, which is fundamentally opposed to queerness and trans people. just say gay. ugh, and all the code of “i stay away from some types of lesbians” and the absolute absence of any commentary on race in the whole article.

    i yelled at that article a lot.

  8. i’ve been following all the articles about consent culture in childbirth and in general how the us fails at the birth process (why is our maternal death rate so high? why does everyone i know know someone who shoulda-coulda-woulda died?) since i took a class on the psychology of birth and death and i’m so glad it’s starting to break into the zeitgeist a little more!

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