Also.Also.Also: Trans-Led Coalition Puts Chicago Pride on Notice and Other Stories for Your Week

Hi I’m still in Michigan surrounded by queer women who love me and you!! We’ve talked about so much on this retreat — it’s incredible how many brilliant ideas you have when you’re in the same room. It’s like our brains level up to a consciousness that we can’t enter until there are six of us together.

Also I’ve decided to never, ever again downplay or refuse a compliment. When we tell each other that the shirt looks cute, it’s because the shirt looks so fucking cute that not talking about it isn’t an option, ok? I’m talking about the collective we now. And that’s the truth every time someone compliments you, and you have to respect the monumental force you’ve enacted upon this person by accepting the damn compliment they were compelled to deliver to you, and then agree with it because they’re right, you look so fucking good in that fucking shirt! You do have the hair of an angelic mermaid! You are a goddamn genius! These really are the best fucking noodles we’ve ever had!

I’m serious, take those compliments. Give them when you have them. I LOVE YOUR FUCKING SHIRT.

Queer as in F*ck You

+ The Beauty and Terror of Passing as a Woman, by Gabrielle Bellot.

+ ‘Erased and Forced Out,’ Trans Collective Shuts Down Pride Parade. Read their statement and see another amazing photograph of Vita Cleveland in action here: Trans-Led Coalition Shuts Down Chicago Pride Parade.

+ Police Broke Up Istanbul’s Banned Pride Parade With Plastic Bullets and Dogs.

+ Love Is Love Is Love Is… Cut the Mike. I didn’t want to share that video of the 12 year-old Mormon girl coming out to her congregation until someone with a working knowledge of the church had actually said something that could give the story the context it deserved, because otherwise it felt like inspiration/outrage porn and I’m not into that. This op-ed does that.

+ After Outcry an LGBT Survey Question Is Restored By HHS.

+ Healthcare Is a Human Right.

+ Lesbian Communities: Looking Backward, Looking Forward.

+ Model Lesbians. Like, models who are lesbians. Lesbian models.

+ Pride 2017: American Women.

+ Queer and In Love. Kaelyn shared this in yesterday’s Sunday Funday but I wanted to make doubly sure that you saw it! Also good grief, Vogue. Too much impressive stuff for one week. Settle down.

+ From ‘Sex Pervets’ to Queer: Globe Archives Chronicle How We Talked About Homosexuality.

+ Why We Need to Address the Lack of Lesbian Stories on Stage.

+ Box Office Smash Cars 3 Costars a Butch Lesbian.

+ Limit(less) Reminds Us That Africans Can Be Queer, Too, and Debunks Stereotypes.

+ The Secret Passion Between Queen Anne and Sarah Churchill. Tra la la la la.

+ Nora Whelan, our Fashion + Beauty Editor, produced this cool video!

Welcome to the Hellmouth

Donald Trump is an unhinged time bomb with access to more power than nearly anyone else on earth and other white men both in and out of power are doing their best to ruin humanity. What a day!

+ Oh and this just in: Trump’s Travel Ban Is About To Go Into Effect.

Doll Parts

+ What the fuck this is so good. Glow Star Betty Gilpin: What It’s Like to Have Pea-Sized Confidence With Watermelon-Sized Boobs.

+ Teeth Is the Feminist Horror Classic That Men Tried to Sabotage. Will never not include a link about Teeth.

Keep Up

+ Report: Gerrymandering Gave Republicans Advantage in House, State Elections.

Saw This, Thought of You

+ Sherman Alexie on Not Being “The Kind of Indian That’s Expected.”

+ Ikea and Apple Just Invented a Pokemon Go for Furniture Shopping.

+ Learning to Skateboard When You’re an Adult Is Extremely Embarrassing. One time on my birthday while I was still wearing my party dress and Doc Martens and after we’d had several drinks and it was well past midnight, I begged Megan to teach me how to skateboard in our parking lot and reader, it was an experience.

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  1. Re: “Love Is Love Is Love Is… Cut the Mike”, I just can’t bring myself to watch this incredibly saddening video. My heart bleeds for this girl. There’s no excuse for human beings to treat other human beings this way.

  2. Also, love the Daily Mail describing the well-documented-for-several-hundred-years romance between Queen Anne and Sarah Churchill as “secret”.

    Film of it sounds pretty good, although I am holding out for someone making one about Hortense Mancini one day…

  3. Is the Supreme Court f_ing serious at this point!!! Why in the hell would they decide to look at a “travel ban” that would have expired at this point anyways??? Do we need it on the record that even more that the United States is filled with jackasses that can’t get it through their heads that Muslim doesn’t equal bad? As a country we are really going to prove that the only humans on this planet according to U.S. standards are white males with guns bc at no point are they wrong or bad…just misunderstand, sick and ultimately mean no harm right? So much for this co-equal branches of government bullshit…I think the cat has been let out of the bag that all you need is a douchebag with a 38% approval rating to make everyone’s life that much more unsafe and uncomfortable and no other branch of government will protect us!

    • The Supreme Court legit makes me feel sick to my stomach today. Both because of the genuine bullshit they’re handing out like candy and because of how utterly unfair it is. I am NOT over that stolen seat, Evil Turtle. Not at all.

  4. Why thank you, I really liked this shirt! I wore it today in honor of a friend who passed unexpectedly because she loved purple and her memorial service is today and I can’t be there.

    Hmm… maybe a little TMI, actually. Perhaps I should have just said thank you. I mean, I DO like the shirt.

  5. This is a lovely, rich collection of linkage. Thank you!

    I was very fortunate in my first encounter with the video of Savannah’s testimony — the video I saw started with what happened in the church, but didn’t stop there: it continued with Savannah reading the rest of what she had prepared, in video recorded by her fully-supportive mother. She may not have the support and acceptance of the institutional Church, but she has family support.

  6. Chicago pride makes me angry over what happened at their dyke march, not to mention I’m hearing that some of the people running the event are homophobic or something along those lines. Glad to see pride parade was shut down by trans activists.

  7. I’d wondered what happened at Chicago Pride – thanks for posting that. I was in the Welcoming Churches coalition group, so I managed to miss all of it – the trans activists marched alongside us for awhile but they were behind us when they shut the parade down – at one point, I noticed that no one was behind our coalition, but no one really knew what happened.

    I was super stoked to march in pride with my church and I also support the trans activists – trans rep is important.

    (and can I just say that it still feels miraculous to me say “I marched in pride with my church”)

  8. has autostraddle covered the No Justice No Pride movement in more depth? i ask because i think it’s both groundbreaking and relevant to the subject matter AS covers. thanks to anyone who drops me a link! <3

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